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Ouya offers a year of access to 800 Android games for $60, sells out in days

ouya offers access pass library already sold all
The creators of the Ouya Android gaming console attempted to draw gamers back in with a limited offer of all-access passes to its complete library. For $60, you’d get one year of unrestricted play on the console’s library of over 800 games. That access encompasses “one-time purchases under $30 such as full-game unlocks and level-pack add-ons,” but notably does not include downloadable content meant to “enhance gameplay” such as extra lives and power-ups.

The offer went live on Monday, June 30, and by time of this writing on the morning of Tuesday, July 1, it was sold out. Apparently the struggling console still has some fight in it, despite a weak presence at E3 last month. You can sign up to be informed when the offer will come around again. Given the speed with which this it was bought up, Ouya will likely continue experimenting with this sort of subscription pricing as a way to further differentiate itself from the competing major consoles.

As more major releases like Double Fine’s Broken Age join the Ouya library, unlimited access for the price of a single AAA game on PlayStation or Xbox will be an increasingly appealing deal to many budget-minded gamers.

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