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Overwatch 2’s packed Season 11 update brings new map, legendary skins

Mercy in her rose gold outfit. Her hair is strawberry blonde with pink tips and her outfit is different shades of pink.
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is celebrating 100 million players in Overwatch 2 by bringing back a fan-favorite skin, along with a new map and other changes for its 11th season that launches on June 20.

In an announcement Monday, the studio revealed that the theme of Season 11 will be Super Mega Ultrawatch, where players can unlock superhero-themed Legendary Ultrawatch skins and go up against the evil and magical Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe and B.O.B. These skins for Genji, Repaer, and Sojourn will be available in the Season 11 premium battle pass.

The season will also introduce a new weapon skin type around the midseason mark on July 23. These Mythic Weapon skins come with unique visual and audio effects that you can unlock with 30 Mythic Prisms. You can also level them up with 10 Mythic Prisms to add emotes and even more effects.

However, more exciting for many fans in the cosmetic department is the return of Pink Mercy, who will be in the shop starting on June 25. Her return was announced last week, with the news that all proceeds from her skin and the Rose Gold Mercy bundle will go toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

A bunch of Overwatch heroes running around the Runapasi map, specifically in front of a tall purple building with blue ones on either side.
Blizzard Entertainment

Besides looks, Season 11 is also introducing a new push map called Runasapi that is based in Peru. It’s a bright and colorful city where you’ll have to escort TS-1, but you’ll also have to be wary of the cliffsides and the narrow streets. There are also new hero mastery courses for Kiriko and Soldier: 76.

Otherwise, Blizzard will offer the usual slate of goodies and extras for Overwatch 2‘s new season, including exclusive Twitch community drops, a new free battle pass, and hero balance changes.

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