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From Xbox to plastic blocks: ‘Overwatch’ is leaping into Lego sets

Scientist Winston — one of the best characters in Overwatch — says that “imagination is the essence of discovery,” and Lego is taking that motto to heart. The company will produce a line of Overwatch-themed Lego sets that are “coming soon.”

Blizzard made the announcement on its Twitter page, posting a video of game director Jeff Kaplan fiddling with a Lego mini-figure on his desk. Once it’s assembled, we see the figure is actually Tracer, who comes to life and does some acrobatic moves in front of him.

Lego hinted at the collaboration in August, posting a picture that showed six characters with question marks on top. Among those shown, McCree, Zenyatta, Genji, Widowmaker, and Mercy seem to be included. We also know Winston will be included in a set, as the official Lego website includes a teaser image with several bananas, as well as his famous “imagination” quote.

Presumably, the Lego sets will focus on the game’s many multiplayer arenas. “King’s Row” and “Hollywood” seem like perfect choices as do “Hanamura” and “Watchpoint: Gibraltar,” but it could also be a cool way for Blizzard and Lego to introduce us to locations that aren’t even included in the game. Since much of Overwatch‘s fiction is told outside of the game already in comics and animated shorts, this seems like a possibility.

If you are looking to get plastic Overwatch characters ahead of the Lego release, you have plenty of options. Many of them are available as Funko Pop! figures, including Tracer, Winston, Soldier 76, Mei, Widowmaker, and Reaper, and many are also part of Nendoroid’s own hyper-detailed line. We prefer the latter company’s figures, as their higher cost leads to much more customization options and personality than the Funko designs.

Overwatch has grown considerably since its original 2016 release, with new maps and several additional characters. If it continues to progress at its current pace, Lego should have no trouble coming up with new set ideas. The game is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and Twitch Prime members can grab a special golden loot box for free through October 8.

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