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Overwatch 2 is collaborating with Transformers, and it looks radical

Overwatch 2 x Transformers Collaboration Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

The long-awaited Transformers and Overwatch 2 collaboration is almost here. Blizzard Entertainment released a cinematic trailer on Monday teasing the crossover and introducing new skins.

The event is set to launch on July 9. Not much is known yet, but the trailer reveals four skins. Reinhardt fits right in with his red, white, and blue Optimus Prime skin, but we also get Bastion as Bumblebee, Illari as Arcee, and Ramattra as Megatron. The four do battle, showing off some classic Transformers moves, combined with their Overwatch playstyles. For example, Bastion turns into the Bumblebee vehicle with a cannon on the back, while Reinhardt uses his trademark hammer.

This spread also means each class gets at least one option if they’re interested in a skin. It’s a shame Blizzard didn’t have skins for other robots in the game like Zenyatta, but this is a good variety.

Of course, as with other Overwatch 2 collaborations, Blizzard will likely include a limited-time mode and other cosmetics. We’ll have to wait and see what the full event will look like, although since it is launching tomorrow, we’ll likely see it soon.

Blizzard has been teasing the crossover for a bit. In June, it announced Season 11 of Overwatch 2, called “Super Mega Ultrawatch,” which was packed with nostalgic features. Along with the Transformers, players also got some Power Rangers cosmetics to play around with. Then, Blizzard released an online comic that seems to imply that the Transformers are somewhat canon in the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch 2 has been all in on pop culture collaborations as of late, with Cowboy Bebop, Power Rangers, and One Punch Man being just a few examples over the past year and a half.

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