Outrun glitches in Pac-Man 256 for mobile, from the makers of Crossy Road

Hipster Whale, creator of the mobile hit Crossy Road, has released Pac-Man 256, an endlessly scrolling arcade game for iOS and Android devices starring Namco’s dot-gobbling mascot.

Pac-Man 256 puts a new spin on the classic Pac-Man formula, challenging players to outrun an approaching wave of glitches that threatens to destroy Pac-Man’s world and everything in it. Gameplay otherwise greatly resembles the classic 1980 maze game, featuring edible dots, collectible fruit, and enemy ghosts that Pac-Man can consume for points after devouring a Power Pellet.

Like Crossy Road, Pac-Man 256 features endlessly scrolling gameplay that grows more difficult as players rack up points. New maze layouts are randomly generated as players flee from deadly glitches, offering an unpredictable challenge throughout.

Pac-Man 256 also equips players with optional power-ups, letting them turn the tables on ghosts with lasers, tornadoes, and other assorted weaponry. Additional gameplay-extending bonuses and perks can be activated with in-app purchases.

Pac-Man 256 features a swipe-based control scheme that allows Pac-Man to turn at the next available juncture whenever players slide a finger across their device’s touchscreen. The game also offers Bluetooth controller support, and is playable on Nvidia’s Shield devices.

The premise behind Pac-Man 256 is inspired by an actual glitch present within the original arcade version of Pac-Man. Upon reaching level 256 in 1980’s Pac-Man, players see a kill screen consisting of a jumbled mess of sprites and a misshapen maze. Gameplay can’t continue beyond this point, ending the game in progress.

Crossy Road was a breakout hit for developer Hipster Whale, earning over $10 million via in-app purchases in its first three months of release. Unlike many competing free-to-play games, Crossy Road based its revenue model around unlockable characters instead of play limits, earning it a dedicated fanbase. Multiple updates have launched since Crossy Road’s debut, introducing new characters and quests encouraging repeated play.