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Paragon's new hero Khaimera thinks two axes are better than one

Paragon - Khaimera Announce Trailer - Available June 21
Ever since Epic Games announced its new MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game Paragon back in December, the community has been responding in great numbers through the Early Access Season. Millions of gamers have previewed the free-to-play Paragon thus far, and now the video game development company wants to share the love with even more fans, according to a recent post.

Beginning August 16, Paragon, which is powered by Epic Games’ own Unreal 4 Engine, will be entering Free Open Beta, which means anyone will be able to play without shelling out any money. In the meantime, the Founder’s Packs and Essential Edition will still give those who made these purchases deals on stuff in the game and Early Access. And those who are currently playing should look forward to updates in the next few weeks without worrying about any account resets.

New heroes will be launched every few weeks, such as the latest one: a melee fighter named Khaimera. He is the first duelist seen in Paragon, and he specializes at targeting individuals up close with his dual wield axes. His Pounce ability allows him to leap to a target hero, stunning the enemy and causing physical damage.

During combat, Khaimera’s Spirit Regeneration increases his health regeneration, stacking it with each basic attack. His Ultimate move, Cull, deals a ton of damage and both roots and isolates a target from his or her friends.

All heroes in Paragon are free, and if you have Early Access, you’ll be able to use Khaimera beginning June 21. If not, you can grab a Founder’s Pack to dive into the game or sign up and wait for the Free Beta Weekend.

Paragon will see a full release this year on PlayStation 4 and Windows.

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