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Park Beyond will let players shoot roller coaster cars out of cannons

In amusement park management games, the goal is often to maximize profits while creating a fun-looking theme park. Players can build roller coasters and other rides, sure, but what matters is the bottom line. Park Beyond, the latest title from Tropico 6 developer Limbic, doesn’t shy away from that emphasis on cash flow but also lets players flex their creative muscles. Players who love the management side of these games will find plenty of menus and submenus to look through, all while building rides that are impossible in the real world.

Park Beyond - Announcement Trailer

The main feature of Park Beyond, which debuted during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live show, is “impossification,” a made-up term that simply means transforming otherwise mundane rides into something impossible. Players can turn a boring old carousel into a towering, three-story-tall clockwork ride, or create an interlocking gear-like Ferris wheel that soars into the clouds.

Guests walk around an amusement park in Park Beyond

Naturally, this system also applies to roller coasters. Like other park management games, players will be able to make their own roller coasters, which can be placed free-form and interact with their surrounding terrain. Supports for tracks, for instance, aren’t finicky and always sit outside of paths that attendees walk on. When it comes to impossifying roller coasters, though, players have a wide array of options. They can shoot the car that passengers ride in out of a cannon, landing it on another section of track somewhere else in their park.

Park Beyond will also tackle the barrier to entry that park management sims usually come with. The game will feature a story-driven single-player campaign meant to teach players the basics before setting them off on more difficult challenges.

Pakr Beyond is set to launch sometime in 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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