Bayonetta, Korra developer announcing new project at E3 2015

platinum games revealing project at e3 2015 announce

Platinum Games, creator of the Bayonetta series and the cyber-futuristic Metal Gear spinoff Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, is due to announce a new and previously unrevealed project at E3 this year, IGN reports.

The upcoming reveal will follow up on last E3’s announcement of Scalebound, a Platinum-developed project for the Xbox One. Little information has been shared regarding Scalebound since its initial unveiling, and even the game’s featured genre remains shrouded in mystery. Promotional footage features a dragon-riding, sword-wielding protagonist battling gigantic creatures against a fantasy-themed backdrop.

Platinum sparked fan speculation earlier this year following the release of a Metal Gear Rising-themed teaser image featuring a stylized number “2,” though the image itself was later branded as a commemoration of the second anniversary of the game’s release. Publisher Konami has discussed the possibility of a Revengeance sequel as far back as 2012, however, and an announcement of a follow-up from Platinum remains a distinct possibility.

Platinum has backed Nintendo’s Wii U console in recent years, producing platform-exclusive titles like The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. Other Platinum-developed franchises include third-person shooter Vanquish and the gory brawlers MadWorld and Anarchy Reigns. The studio’s most recent release, an action game based on the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Legend of Korra, debuted last year across multiple consoles and PC platforms.

Prior to Platinum’s founding in 2006, key studio members developed several games for publisher Capcom throughout the PlayStation 2 era as part of the since-shuttered Clover Studio, including the over-the-top brawler God Hand, The Legend of Zelda-like action-RPG Okami, and high-octane side-scroller Viewtiful Joe.

IGN notes that the first gameplay footage from Platinum’s newest project will premiere on Tuesday, June 16.