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PlayStation 4's next update makes it easier than ever to share your best gaming moments

playstation 4 400 update sharing stream
The PlayStation 4’s system software hasn’t undergone the radical changes we’ve seen several times from the Xbox One, but it has still seen its share of tweaks. Last September’s 3.00 update added new ways to share your best gameplay moments with friends, and 4.00 looks like it will make the process even easier.

Though the “share” menu, brought up by pressing the same button on the DualShock 4 controller, previously took up the entire screen, it — along with the system’s “quick” menu — will shrink significantly in 4.00, giving you a continued view of your game as you decide where to post your latest clip. It will also automatically save your more recent social network, which should shorten the time it takes you to get back to the action. A much longer time limit has been placed on Twitter videos, as well — previously limited to just 10 seconds, this has now been increased to more than two minutes.

Trophy hunting has also been made easier. “Hidden trophies,” the bane of every trophy hunters existence, can now be viewed directly on the console so you no longer need to take to Google, but will still remain unreadable by default. Trophies can also be viewed offline, though it appears you’ll still need to go to the “trophies” section of the main menu to manually update your list on PSN.

The “library” section on the PlayStation 4 UI has been a bit of a mess thus far, but 4.00 will make it far easier to quickly launch an old game. Only games you currently have installed on the system will be shown by default, with a new “purchased” section showing all PS4 content tied to your account. Text searching and “purchase date” and “install status” options should make it much quicker to find that copy of OlliOlli2. Customizable folders on the system’s launch menu should limit the amount of horizontal scrolling you need to do.

No official release date has been offered for the next software update, though beta users will soon get access. Sony says to expect more news “in the coming weeks,” including information on additional features.

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