Sony takes a cue from Microsoft, offers an early look at PlayStation 4 updates

Sony Playstation 4 kit wires

Microsoft’s Xbox Preview Program traces its roots back to the Xbox 360, giving users a chance to take a look at upcoming system features before they roll out for everyone. In exchange, Microsoft gets a better chance at finding last minute bugs and other issues. Until now, the PlayStation 4 hasn’t offered similar functionality.

Sony is now looking for volunteers to test the next version of the PlayStation 4 system software. The company announced the chance to get a sneak peek at the next update in a post on the PlayStation Blog yesterday.

In order to test the new system software update, you’ll need a few things. Obviously, you’ll need a PS4 and an Internet connection, but you’ll also need to be using a master account. Sony says that sub-accounts won’t be able to take part in the program. You’ll also want to make sure you’re a member of the PlayStation Forums in order to access the beta forums.

Once you’ve checked off the items on the above list, simply head over to the online enrollment form to toss your hat in the ring. If you’re selected, Sony will email you a voucher code enabling access to the beta trial.

There is still no word on what exactly the update contains in terms of changes, but if Sony is looking for testers, it’s unlikely that the upcoming update simply fixes a few bugs or smaller issues. If it introduces new bugs, on the other hand, volunteers will be glad to know that they can roll back to the previous version of the PlayStation 4 system software at any time.

If you’re curious, you’d better sign up quickly. Sony says that there are a limited amount of slots open for beta testers, and they’re being filled fast. The update will become available to eligible volunteers in early September.