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‘Just Cause 3’ headlines August’s PlayStation Plus free games

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On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the free games Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be receiving in August, and they include some heavy hitters like Bayonetta and Trials Fusion, but PlayStation Plus subscribers should not worry about their own games failing to match up, particularly on PlayStation 4.

Beginning on August 1, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to download Just Cause 3. The open-world sequel is filled with destructible environments and its wingsuit allows for quick exploration around its enormous world. The game originally launched in late 2015 with performance issues on console, but if you have the new PlayStation 4 Pro and enable “boost mode,” you should encounter fewer issues.

Also free on PlayStation 4 is the Assassin’s Creed IV stand-alone expansion, Freedom Cry. Taking place after the events of the main game, it follows Edward Kenway’s first mate, Adewale. The game received relatively positive reviews when it released in 2013, but it was never a full-priced title.

On PlayStation 3, players will be able to download Super Motherload, which was also available on PlayStation 4 as a launch title. The science-fiction adventure features an exploration system similar to Terraria, with players drilling and blasting their way through underground rocks. PlayStation 3 owners will also get Snakeball, a nearly 10-year-old science-fiction sports game. Should you be looking for something to play with the kids in your family, it could be a solid choice.

PlayStation Vita owners will receive the critically acclaimed Downwell in August, and the game will also be free on PlayStation 4 via cross-buy. The game was originally released on iOS and PC, and as the name suggests, has your character falling down a long well, fighting enemies along the way. On Vita, you can even mimic the vertical view found on the iOS game, but with the added benefit of physical controls.

Vita players will also get Level 22, a retro-style adventure game that tasks the drunken Gary with sneaking back into his office at work without being seen. It originally launched in early 2016 and is also available on iOS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Xbox One.

Which PlayStation Plus game are you looking forward to in August? Let us know in the comments!

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