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PlayStation 6 predictions: games we expect to see on PS6

A screenshot from The Story So Far in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

We’re four years into the PlayStation 5’s lifecycle, which means that we’ve likely hit the halfway point. Console generations tend to last around eight years these days, so it’s not impossible that we’ll get a PlayStation 6 by 2028. While it might seem way too early to start anticipating a far off console (and it is), the reality is that the groundwork for it is likely being laid as we speak. Large scale exclusives can take well over four years to produce, which means that some PS6 games could be in the works right this second.

Some of those games seem like foregone conclusions. We’ll likely see new games in the God of War and Horizon series, as well as new IP from studios like Housemarque. As for the rest? We already have some firm ideas about what games will land on Sony’s next console. That’s partially thanks to studio confirmation, leaks, and some good old fashioned common sense. Here our best guesses as to what we might be playing on a shiny new PlayStation by 2030.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3

Venom grabs Spider-Man in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Last year, developer Insomniac was the victim of a massive hack. The ransomware attack led to loads of sensitive information being leaked to the public, including tons of details about Marvel’s Wolverine. Among that pile of information was information on Insomniac’s entire development timeline through 2031. Thanks to that, we know four games likely slated for a PS6 release including one new IP and a new Ratchet and Clank game. The most obvious game on the list? Marvel’s Spider-Man 3, which is aiming for a 2028 launch. This is a no-brainer considering that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ends with several teases about its sequel, even confirming some villains. If its planned date holds up, this is the most likely contender for a launch game at the moment.

Marvel’s X-Men

Logan's claws out in Marvel's Wolverine.

That’s not all from Insomniac. The leaks confirmed that the studio is currently working on a full X-Men game slated for 2030. That’ll serve as a follow up to Marvel’s Wolverine, which is expected to launch on PS5 by 2026. It’s hard to predict too much about what that will entail considering that we don’t know where Wolverine’s story will go, but what’s most intriguing here is its multiplayer potential. Insomniac is more known for its single-player experiences, but a franchise like X-Men seems ripe for co-op. Will players get to team up using their favorite mutants, or will Insomniac take a Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy approach here with a solo-team setup? It’ll be a long time until we find out, so expect to stay in the dark for a few more years.

Uncharted 5

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

After canceling its planned Last of Us multiplayer game, all eyes are on Naughty Dog right now. The studio is perhaps Sony’s most valuable entity and we know it has multiple single-player games currently in development. We expect to see at least one of those hit PS5 in the next four years; my money is on The Last of Us Part 3 considering the success of its TV show. As for what might come to PS6? Our best guess is a long-awaited return to the Uncharted series. Even if Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End felt like a conclusion for Nathan Drake, there’s a strong possibility that we get a proper sequel starring his daughter Cassie. That feels like exactly the kind of move Naughty Dog would go for considering how The Last of Us Part 2 played out.

Destiny 3

A titan wielding a grenade launcher in Destiny 2..

What I’m most interested to see is how Bungie plays into PlayStation’s future. Sony bought the studio in 2022 for over $3 billion, which was something of a statement purchase. We’ll likely see the fruits of that acquisition soon with Marathon, but we have to imagine that something even bigger is on the horizon: Destiny 3. The Destiny series has proven its staying power over the last decade with frequent updates and a steady player base. While most successful MMOs tend to cruise along as long as they can, I’d imagine Sony might want something a little more modern to show off the power of the PS6 and its commitment to PC gaming. And with Destiny 2‘s The Final Shape expansion closing the door on one story, it feels like the right time to start cooking up the sci-fi series’ next chapter, even if that doesn’t come for a few more years.

Final Fantasy VII remake part 3

Cloud,. Aerith, and Tifa stand together in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
Square Enix

When it comes to third-party games, there are already a few games that you can expect to see. The biggest is the final installment of the Final Fantasy VII remake project. While we don’t know much about it, there was a four-year gap between Remake and Rebirth. If that same development cycle holds up, the final chapter should launch sometime around 2028, potentially right as a new console generation begins. Of course, it could come out just before PS6 drops with an Intergrade-like upgrade planned after, but a cross-generational release feels likely.

Cyberpunk 2

V rides a motorcycle while shooting at a mech in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.
CD Projekt Red

The biggest power played of the next console generation may just be CD Projekt Red. Despite a disastrous Cyberpunk 2077 launch in 2020, the studio has found its footing and restored goodwill with fans since then. It has already confirmed that its juggling multiple games, with many likely to drop in the next console generation. That’ll include at least one, if not two, games in its next Witcher trilogy, but the biggest thing to watch out for is a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077. The project is already in early development and recruiting talent to work on it. If the company’s long development timelines hold up to history, don’t expect to see this until the 2030s.

Bloodborne remake

A hunter facing off against an amygdala.

I’ll throw you all one bone for this last one. For years now, FromSoftware fans have clamored for some kind of Bloodborne news, whether that be a sequel or PC port. We think that could feasibly happen on PS6 thanks to Bluepoint Games. The studio is responsible for the PS6’s best launch game, an excellent remake of Demon’s Souls. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony repeat that success with a full Bloodborne remake that launches alongside PS6. By then, the game will be two console generations old, which makes the idea of a touch-up seem more reasonable. Of course, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment here, but we have hope.

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