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PlayStation Plus members get ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ for free in May

Microsoft recently revealed the free games Xbox Live Gold members will be getting in May, and they’re mighty impressive. On Wednesday, April 25, Sony announced the freebies PlayStation Plus members will snag next month, and they include a game from the studio behind Detroit: Become Human.

Available for free on May 1, along with the rest of the PlayStation Plus lineup, is Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4. Developed by David Cage’s Quantic Dream and starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, the adventure game follows the power-enabled girl Jodie Holmes in a supernatural journey filled with the branching paths and player choice we expect from the studio. Beyond: Two Souls was originally released on PlayStation 3, but it’s the PlayStation 4 version being given away through the program.

Also available on PlayStation 4 is Rayman Legends. The fantastic platformer from Ubisoft was previously given away through Xbox Games With Gold on Xbox One, and feature some of the best level design we’ve ever seen. Its killer soundtrack, which includes popular tunes played on instruments like the kazoo, makes it even better.

The games available on other Sony platforms are a little bit less exciting. On PlayStation 3, you can grab Risen 3: Titan Lords, an action-role-playing game that received brutal reviews when it launched back in 2014. PlayStation 3 players will also get Eat Them!, a chaos-causing monster game that should be right up the alley of anyone who just saw Rampage in theaters.

PlayStation Vita owners will be able to download King Oddball in May, and it comes with cross-buy support for both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. The 2D puzzle game’s simple controls should make it a great game to play on the go.

Also on the Vita in May is Furmins, a physics-based puzzle game with more than 100 levels featuring multiple solutions, touchscreen controls, and online scoreboards.

If you aren’t satisfied with the games coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita recently, you won’t have to worry too much longer. Sony will be dropping both platforms from its free games lineup in March 2019, focusing only on PlayStation 4. We have recently seen PlayStation VR games given away through the program, as well, which is hopefully a sign of things to come.

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