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PlayStation VR games will be clearly labeled at retail

playstation vr games will be clearly labeled at retail psvr boxes
If you’ve spent sleepless nights wondering how PlayStation VR-compatible games will be branded at retail, worry no more: Sony revealed that it has special packaging in store for its VR headset-compatible releases for the PlayStation 4.

Following in the tradition of its PlayStation Move games for the PlayStation 3, Sony’s PlayStation VR titles will feature the text “PlayStation VR Required” and “You’ll Need These” in European markets, clearly warning consumers whether PlayStation VR equipment is optional or a requirement.

Early PAL-region PlayStation VR box art found at online retailers like Amazon U.K. and ShopTo first revealed Sony’s updated branding, according to a Eurogamer report. Virtual reality-focused titles like PlayStation VR Worlds feature the “PlayStation VR Required” warning, while VR-optional games like the pool sim Hustle Kings VR instead read “PlayStation VR Compatible.”

Over in North America, PlayStation VR games will feature a slightly different banner that reads “PlayStation VR Game,” along with the “You’ll Need These” warnings present on European cases.

PlayStation VR marks yet another split for Sony’s console userbase, following up on the 2010 launch of the Wii Remote-like PlayStation Move controller. Many PlayStation Move games required a Sony-branded camera and Move wand controller to function, driving Sony to carefully label retail-released games.

PlayStation Move hardware will play a key role in Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR rollout. All PlayStation VR games require players to purchase a PlayStation 4 camera, and many require at least one PlayStation Move controller. The PlayStation 4 determines player positioning and movement by sensing light emitted from the PlayStation VR headset, while the PlayStation Move controller’s glowing orb topper gives real-world context for player interaction.

PlayStation VR headsets will launch in North America on October 13 at a retail price of $400. Starter bundles that include a PlayStation VR headset, two Move controllers, and a PlayStation 4 camera are currently up for pre-order at retailers nationwide for $500.

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