New Pokémon to catch: ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ will have a wimpy bug and a bootleg Pikachu

The Pokémon series has featured some bizarre creatures over the years, with the first generation including a bunch of eggs and a pile of goo as combatants, but Sun and Moon add monsters that range from creative to downright creepy.

In a “newly discovered Pokémon” trailer, which you can watch above, we’re introduced to some of the game’s more eccentric designs. “Wimpod” is a scared bug who can use a “wimp out” ability to escape danger. The cautious creature can also spray a toxic liquid on enemies to alert its friends to the danger. Not exactly the most fearsome Pokémon, but Wimpod tries its best.

Bounsweet,” an adorable puffball resembling a piece of fruit, has leaf-based attacks that can damage much larger creatures, but the Pokémon’s appearance and sweet scent mean it can easily be mistaken for food and eaten. “Bewear” is also more dangerous than it appears, with a stuffed animal facade masking enormous strength and a “fluffy” ability that halves almost all direct damage sustained.

But Sun and Moon will also add the stuff of nightmares. Enter “Mimikyu,” an off-brand Pikachu with its eyes and mouth drawn on with magic marker. In truth, Mimikyu can actually disguise itself to look like any Pokémon, but typically sticks with Pikachu due to the brand power.

In addition to the Pokémon (you can find two others, Comfey and Mudsdale,  in the video above), we also caught a glimpse of the Pokémon Global Link. While support for older Pokémon 3DS games will end, you’ll be able to use the Global Link in Sun and Moon to host live online competitions with your friends, with two different styles to choose from.

Pokémon Go has obviously eaten up a lot of our time, but we’re still very excited to see what the next full-fledged entries in the series have to offer. We’re going to be seeing Mimikyu in our dreams, possibly with the voice of Danny DeVito.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are out on November 18 for 3DS.

Pokémon Sun Pokémon Moon Dual Pack


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