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Pokémon Go’s latest event avoids coronavirus by allowing you to play from home

Pokémon Go‘s latest event lets players game from home, a smart move among encouragement to practice social distancing to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

A new special research story event titled “A Drive to Investigate!” starts begins Friday, March 20, at 8 a.m. and lasts through 10 p.m. local time on Thursday, March 26. Players can access the event from any location as long as they have a ticket. It also adds Genesect, the mythical bug- and steel-type Pokémon first introduced in the series’ fifth generation.

Developer Niantic extended the event to make it “playable for as many trainers globally as possible.” Players that purchase a ticket can complete tasks to get a chance to catch Genesect, which left a trail of damage behind that Professor Willow picked up on. The ticket is redeemable anywhere, so players can play from home or wherever they can experience the new mission.

Beyond research, a Genesect-themed weekend event will last from March 20 through 10 p.m. local time on March 23. Pokémon Go players can find normal-, fire-, water-, electric-, and ice-type Pokémon more often, and Jigglypuff, Magnemite, Marill, Houndour, and Snorunt are extra common during the event.

For trainers who are still able to walk around their neighborhoods, Nincada eggs are available to hatch by walking five kilometers, and Karrablast and Shelmet eggs will appear more frequently. Additionally, one- to four-star Raid Battles will feature bug- and steel-type Pokémon mirroring Genesect’s types.

To receive access to the special event, players just have to launch Pokémon Go during the event’s time period. Players can buy a ticket in the in-game shop for $8 but cannot purchase it with PokéCoins. Players will also receive bonuses such as exclusive Genesect-themed avatar items, five premium battle passes, three super incubators, three charged TMs, three fast TMs, three incense, three star pieces, one poffin, 15 rare candies, and a glacial lure. In addition, trainers will also receive an encounter with Scyther, Skarmory, Nincada, Shieldon, and Durant, the last of which is normally only available in the eastern hemisphere.

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