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‘Pokémon Quest’ charms its way onto mobile devices next week

Pokémon Quest arrives on Android and iOS on June 27. The Pokémon Company announced the mobile launch date on Twitter, marking an end to the brief window in which Nintendo Switch users were the only ones able to dive into the free-to-play title.

The colorful game came to Switch at the end of May. Quest will feel at a home on mobile, because, well, it’s very much a mobile-style game, complete with waiting for energy recharges and passive gameplay. At the start, you pick a Pokémon like you would in any other Pokémon game. From there, your Pokémon goes on expeditions, which are mostly automated. You key in the directions and that’s about it. The “game” portion of it is actually the lead-up to the expeditions, where you equip boosters and tinker with your base. It’s not a game likely to satisfy those looking for a traditional Pokémon experience, but it’s a serviceable mobile game wrapped in a cuddly aesthetic of Minecraft-style polygons.

Quest will become the third Pokémon mobile game in the past three years, joining the sensation that is Pokémon GO and the less-revered but actually fun title Pokémon Duel.

We imagine Quest will be downloaded by the millions. The Pokémon Company also revealed that the Switch iteration has already been downloaded by 2.5 million users within its first few weeks on the eShop. Considering the install base of iOS and Android massively dwarves that of Nintendo’s dedicated console, it’s safe to assume Quest will soon find a much wider audience.

If you plan on downloading Quest, make sure to bookmark our beginner’s guide to help you on your journey.

Quest is merely an appetizer for multiple exciting Pokémon titles on the horizon. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! launches November 16 on Switch. The game blends core Pokémon features like gym battles and an open world to explore with the simplistic flourishes that have been popular as of late (see: the game’s interconnectivity with Pokémon Go). Speaking of Go, the game will soon be updated, giving users the ability to trade Pokémon — finally!

Pokémon fans also have a true RPG to look forward to in 2019. When the untitled game launches on Switch, it will mark the first time a traditional Pokémon experience will be available on a home console.

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