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Princess Peach Showtime shines a spotlight on Mario’s leading lady

The previously untitled Princess Peach game has been officially revealed as Princess Peach Showtime! and will be hitting the Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2024.

Princess Peach: Showtime! - Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023

Originally teased in the previous Nintendo Direct held in June, our first look at this Peach title gave us little more than confirmation that it was in development and slated for 2024. The latest direct put a proper title on the adventure, Princess Peach Showtime!, as well as a look at the story and gameplay.

The adventure focuses on Peach and several Toads visiting a Sparkle Theater to watch a play, only for a mysterious foe to appear called the Wicked Grape and Sour Bunch. Peach, alongside a new flower companion named Stella, is left to fight back and save the day (and the play) using a magical ribbon. This ribbon is shown off as being able to seemingly transform the Sour Bunch into friendly characters, as well as manipulate parts of the stage, such as turning thin trees into large props.

Peach dressed up as a swordfighter in Princess Peach Showtime!

The other major mechanic involves Peach donning new costumes that give her unique abilities. We see her transform into Swordfight Peach which lets her cut through large vines and perform flashy sword attacks. In another play, Peach can become Detective Peach to examine clues and follow footsteps to solve a mystery. Other locations shown include a sweets festival and martial arts school, each of which will have its own costume and ability set for Peach to utilize.

Princess Peach Showtime! will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch with preorders set to begin later today.

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