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Project Cars updated to support Rift SDK 0.8 as developers prepare for its retail launch

project cars is now more realistic in vr updated to support rift sdk 0 8 by slightly mad studios
Project Cars is a game that has remained updated to the latest VR standards throughout its lifecycle, often keeping pace with the release of new Oculus Rift SDKs as they debuted. However it fell behind a little with the most recent 0.8 update, leaving people jumping back and forth to older software. That’s not the case anymore, as developer Slightly Mad Studios has now brought it up to date and is planning on full support when the Rift CV1 is released.

The update to the 0.8 SDK should improve compatibility with Windows 10, which was one of the major features of the newest SDK. However, in an address on Reddit, one of the developers stated that many new feature updates would be arriving with the SDK 1.0 when support for that is added as the Oculus Rift consumer edition headset starts shipping on March 28.

“As soon as the CV1 goes live, you’ll be receiving a game update with a whole bunch of features, fixes, and optimizations,” he said. “Almost there guys, exciting times.”

Along with the new Oculus SDK update, there is a lot more to the latest 8.0 patch for Project Cars. It adds new cars like the McLaren F1 GTR, Radical RXC Turbo, Lotus 51, Renault Megane RS265, KTM X-Bow and a pair of new tracks — Cadwell Park and all  layouts of Ruapuna Park.

The changelog also tells us that there have been some adjustments made to the way physics and tires work in the game, as well as fixing an issue that prevented players from saving setups on DLC tracks. Bloom should work correctly on MSAA mode on PC now too.

Have you played much Project Cars? Do you plan to give it a go on the Oculus Rift when it launches in the next few months?

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