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Qualcomm made a new handheld video game console that you can’t buy

Qualcomm has created a new video game console called the Snapdragon G3x. The dedicated gaming device is custom-built for cloud gaming and lets players stream games from their consoles or PC. There’s only one catch: You won’t be able to buy one.

The Snapdragon G3x is a developer-only concept. Qualcomm and Razer teamed up to make a dev kit available to any developer who’s interested in playing with it. According to Qualcomm, the device is not currently planned for a market run. The company has created similar products in the past with mobile hardware dev kits.

A player using a Snapdragon G3x.

It’s a shame that users won’t be able to get their hands on one (for now), because the Snapdragon G3x sports some impressive specs. Off the bat, it features a standard ABXY controller layout with a screen in the middle. The screen itself is a 6.65-inch OLED display that can operate at up to 120 Hz. Like the Nintendo Switch, the device can be plugged into a TV. Though unlike the Switch, plugging it in will allow users to play games in 4K HDR.

Other design features include a vent on the back of the controller, “advanced haptics,” and a four-way speaker. The device also maps touchscreen commands to buttons, allowing users to play mobile games without a touchscreen.

Most notable is that the game is built with streaming in mind. It features a front-facing 1080p60 camera, which players could theoretically use to stream a game and their camera from the same portable device.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform

As a proof of concept, the Snapdragon G3x certainly shows off some creative ideas. It’s just yet to be seen if those ideas will make it to market eventually. With the Steam Deck coming, we’re seeing an increased interest from users who want portable consoles that can play games too powerful for Switch. Qualcomm’s idea of a cloud gaming-centric handheld certainly solves that problem, though it wouldn’t necessarily let players take any game on the go easily. Perhaps that would change if the device ever does make it to the public.

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