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Can’t afford the Nintendo Switch Lite? You can now put it on layaway at GameStop

Consoles aren’t cheap, and the price of video games can add up during holiday season when a bunch of huge titles release. GameStop wants you to be able to still play the games you want when they launch, and has rolled out a new no-fee layaway program so you can get the gaming goods you need to do so.

Beginning now and running through December 11, the annual No Fee Layaway program allows customers to put down $25 or more on an upcoming game, with the final date for paying your item off being December 18. You can trade in games or hardware to help fund your layaway purchase, as well, and you can get a refund for your deposit at any time.

Right now, options for layaway at GameStop include the Nintendo Switch Lite, a PlayStation 4 Pro console, and a PlayStation VR bundle with Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf VR included. Any of these are great choices for a gift this holiday season, and putting down your deposit should guarantee you receive the item and don’t have anyone disappointed, unless you got them the wrong color Nintendo Switch Lite.

Felicia Miranda/Digital Trends

GameStop specifically mentioned only game systems and hardware in its announcement of the layaway program. Because of this, we don’t anticipate video games themselves being available for layaway. Because a $25 down payment would be needed, it would not really make much sense to pay off the remaining $35 in smaller chunks, either.

The GameStop layaway program also doesn’t need a credit check, requiring just an ID and the initial deposit. You must be at least 18 in order to participate, and there are no interest charges associated with the program. Your payments and pickup must be made at the same store where you made the initial deposit.

If you are waiting for the best possible deals on hardware before the holidays, we suggest waiting to participate in this program. Black Friday and Cyber Monday always provide huge discounts on game systems, often knocking more than $100 off their typical price. Just make sure you’re quick because the best deals don’t last very long online or in retail stores.

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