‘Quantum Break’ studio Remedy to release its secretive ‘P7’ in 2019

Finnish Studio Remedy Entertainment has been relatively quiet over the last few years, with its last released game being the Xbox One and PC shooter Quantum Break. For its next major project, code-named “P7,” the studio promises the deepest game mechanics of one of its games to date, and it’s on track to release in 2019.

In a 2017 financial statement, Remedy revealed that P7 has moved from the pre-production phase into full-fledged development during the last year, and that the project has “progressed according to [Remedy’s] plans.”

P7, like most of Remedy’s work to date, will be a third-person action game, but it isn’t set in any of Remedy’s existing universes. It will use the Northlight technology that powered Quantum Break, but improvements are being made in artificial intelligence, animation, and, curiously, multiplayer.

Remedy’s other announced project is the shooter CrossFire 2, but the studio is only working on the campaign mode. This could mean that multiplayer is included in P7, and as the studio says it will feature a “game structure offering a long-lasting experience,” it will likely be beefier than Quantum Break or the Alan Wake games.

Unlike Quantum Break, P7 will not be published by Microsoft. Instead, 505 Games is handling publishing duties, a move that allows the game to come to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Another project is also in the works at Remedy, but the studio hasn’t revealed exactly what it is yet. Preliminary development began in late 2017, and based on Remedy’s past comments, it’s unlikely that it’s based on any established company properties.

Prior to Remedy’s work on the Alan Wake series, it was responsible for developing the original Max Payne as well as its sequel. The third game was handled by Rockstar Vancouver, which closed its doors shortly after the game launched. It didn’t meet publisher Take-Two’s sales expectations, and we haven’t seen anything from the series since.

Though we’re excited for just about anything Remedy has planned, we’re hoping it doesn’t forget its roots — strong storytelling and smooth third-person combat. If it reaches a larger audience than Quantum Break, perhaps we’ll see it expanded into a franchise.