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Remedy confirms Alan Wake and Control are linked, third game is in the works

Remedy Entertainment confirmed that 2010’s Alan Wake and 2019’s Control are linked, and that it is working on the next game in that universe.

In the latest State of Play, Remedy released a trailer for the upcoming AWE DLC of Control, which is set to roll out as the game’s second expansion on August 27.

Control Expansion 2 AWE - Announcement Trailer | PS4

At the end of the trailer was a bearded Alan Wake, confirming that the novelist exists in the same universe as the Federal Bureau of Control and its director, Jesse Faden.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that now, the time has come to take the first concrete step on this road, establishing Remedy Connected Universe,” Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake wrote in a blog post.

Lake added that the events in Alan Wake are one of the cases under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Control, making AWE the first official crossover event in the Remedy Connected Universe.

“And this is still just a humble beginning. We’re already hard at work on a future Remedy game that also takes place in this same universe,” according to Lake.

It remains to be seen if the next Remedy Connected Universe game will be a sequel to Control or Alan Wake, or an entirely new title. Digital Trends has also reached out to Remedy to confirm whether Quantum Break and May Payne are also a part of it as other cases under the Federal Bureau of Control.

Meanwhile, for Control players looking ahead to the AWE DLC, the expansion’s world premiere will be on August 13 on the Remedy Games channel on Twitch. The first 15 minutes of the DLC will be revealed, possibly revealing more Alan Wake lore.

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