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All TV locations in Alan Wake 2

Remedy has been one of the biggest studios to push the inclusion of multimedia in gaming. The first Alan Wake featured short TV episodes of a fictional show called Night Springs that players could discover and watch, Control added in real-life footage in various projections, and Quantum Break had fully live-action “cutscenes.” Alan Wake 2 adds more TVs to the world in two different forms — Koskela Brother Commercials and Writer’s Journey videos. The former are found with Saga and the latter with Alan, and both have their own trophy/achievement related to finding them all. As a bonus, they are entertaining enough on their own to warrant seeking them out. Don’t touch that dial, because we’re going to show you where to find every TV in Alan Wake 2.

All Koskela Brother Commercial locations

Starting off with Saga, there are six commercials to find over the course of the game. All you need to do is approach the TV for it to start, and you get credit for them as soon as they begin playing, so you really don’t have to watch them through to the end.

A map of bright falls.
Remedy Entertainment
  • Head into the police station before the end of Return 3 and go into the employee lounge. Note: This commercial is missable if you do not get it before the end of Return 3.
  • This TV is in the Oh Deer Diner up on the left wall.
  • The TV in the lobby of the Lederwood Palace Lodge can’t be missed.
  • When you reach the Nursery Home, go into the rec room to watch this TV.
  • The only TV in Coffee World is in the Lighthouse Trailer park inside the first trailer you pass on the left.
  • The final commercial icomes during the final sequence of Saga’s campaign. Once you start Return 8, go back to the Oh Deer Diner for the last one.

All Writer’s Journey locations

Alan needs to get a few more TVs than Saga, with eight in total to watch.

  • The first is automatically triggered in Initiation 1 at the ending cutscene for this chapter.
  • Once in The Dark Place, go north of the payphone that rings as you come up the stairs and go straight to a stack of TVs in a display window.
  • The third is in the Subway and is impossible to miss. You will be forced to go through a break room with this TV in it and it will trigger as soon as you go in.
  • If there was any TV you were likely to miss, it would be this one. Once you get to Initiation 4, you need to revisit the same TVs you came across in the second Writer’s Journey on this list. However, you have to go there and get this new one before the end of Initiation 5 or it won’t show up again.
  • This one also has the potential to be missed. When you get into the Oceanview Hotel, you need to go into room 101. This door is locked andyou need to retrieve the key from the Ballroom first, so make sure you get it before this chapter ends or you won’t be able to go back for it.
  • Once in Initiation 7, you will be led to the Janitor’s Room and can speak to Ahti. Take the door on the other side down into the basement, turn right, and use your light shift. Go back out the way you came in and turn right. You will see the wall has vanished and a new path is available. Head down these stairs and use the light shift again to make a shoebox appear. Interact with it to collect some photos. Take them up and reach the TV at the end of the level. This is the only TV you have to interact with, but the Writer’s Journey will only trigger if you have the photographs from the box with you. If you don’t, it won’t trigger and you cannot get it again.
  • In the Poet’s Cinema, take a break at the concession stand to watch this video.
  • The last TV is another missable one. Once you go into the film screen and are on your way to the projection room, make sure to stop by the TV under the exit sign before moving through. If you leave the room without triggering the TV, you can’t go back.

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