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Xbox One owners can play 'Rainbow Six: Siege' for free through the weekend

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Burnt out on killing demons and knights in Dark Souls III or catching Pokémon at your local park? With new games only coming sporadically during the summer, it can seem like you have to continue playing what you’ve been playing for months. If you have an Xbox One, however, and haven’t tried out the fast-paced shooter Rainbow Six: Siege, you’ll be able to do so for free through the weekend.

Beginning Thursday, all Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to take part in “Free Play Days.” This means unlimited access to Rainbow: Six Siege until midnight Sunday. While the game doesn’t feature a traditional campaign — instead, its “story” missions essentially serve as tutorials for the multiplayer component — four days is plenty of time to try out the quick, destruction-heavy competitive mode or the cooperative Terrorist Hunt.

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Should you like what you’ve played enough to purchase Rainbow Six: Siege, you can purchase the game from the Xbox store at a discounted rate all through the week, and any progress you made and achievements you earned during the trial period will be carried over.

The decision to offer the game for free at this time is no accident. The second season final for the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League will be broadcast on Saturday, and the game’s latest content update, “Operation Skull Rain,” is scheduled to launch in early August. The DLC, which will be available a week early to season pass owners, introduces two new operators from Brazil, as well as a new map that Ubisoft calls its “most destructible map to date.” As with other content updates for the game, it will be available for free.

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