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Microsoft is scrambling to fix egregious loading times experienced with ‘ReCore’

Recore: Load Time Controversy, Fast Travel, and Death respawn timed
ReCore, a new property from Armature Studios and Comcept, is out today on Xbox One and PC, and while players who boot up the game will be greeted by a Metroid-inspired adventure, they may notice something else: comically long, and frequent, loading times. Publisher Microsoft is aware of their egregious length, and it appears to be taking steps to fix them.

“We are aware that even with the day-one patch, players can still experience long load times in a couple areas of the game,” Microsoft said in a statement to VG247, which is also posted on the game’s official support page. “We appreciate player feedback and are committed to improving where we can.”

YouTube user Namtox says that the average loading time he experienced on an original model Xbox One with a standard internal hard drive was between 35 and 45 seconds, but this time could multiply when entering certain areas. Fast traveling to “The Cradle,” for instance, took well over a minute, and this is far from the worst loading time he encountered. Simply dying and respawning in the region took close to two minutes.

Strangely, the loading times appear to also be wildly inconsistent. Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo points out that in one single room, his respawn times varied between 3 seconds and 75 seconds.

Though the day-one patch doesn’t appear to have helped ReCore‘s loading times in the slightest, it’s still very possible that Armature and Comcept can significantly reduce them. Bloodborne suffered from similarly long loading times last year, which even caused the game’s logo to get burned into some plasma televisions — but a patch in April of 2015 reduced them by more than half in some areas. We can only hope that this sort of programming wizardry is possible with ReCore.

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