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How to play Redfall co-op

The best way to experience the vampire-infested world of Redfall is to bring along a couple of friends. This first-person shooter title was designed with co-op in mind, but has a few quirks to the system that you will want to know about before sharpening your stakes and loading your shotguns. These details can be a major setback in your fight against the vampiric forces in Redfall, so check out everything you need to know about co-op before diving in.




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What You Need

  • An internet connection

  • Friends with Redfall

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How to play co-op in Redfall

Unlike some other co-op shooters, Redfall has more restrictions for its online play than you might expect. First is the lack of a matchmaking system, meaning that unless you have friends on either Xbox or PC playing, you won't be able to find partners to play with. If you've got a crew ready to go, here's how to get started.

Step 1: On the main menu, select Host Game.

Step 2: Navigate to your friends list and invite up to three people to join your lobby.

Step 3: Once everyone has joined, simply hit Ready to launch the game.

Step 4: If another friend is acting as the host, simply wait to be invited and accept it through the Game Invites menu.

Some important details to note about multiplayer are that only the host will maintain any story progress made. All other players will need to replay any story missions done in co-op that they haven't done already. What everyone will keep is any levels, weapons, or gear earedn during those sessions. Co-op also must be started in the main menu, meaning you can't join or invite players to a game in progress. If you want to partner up, you'll have to quit out and start a new lobby with your pals.

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