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‘Resident Evil 7’ collector’s edition ups creep factor with severed finger flash drive

resident evil 7 data mining villain door
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard may have only been revealed over the summer at Sony’s E3 conference, but the game is set to be released in just a few months, and if you have plenty of extra cash to spare, you’ll want to consider picking up its collector’s edition. Featuring a replica mansion and a severed finger, it certainly puts us in the mood to get scared.

Retailing for $180, the Resident Evil 7 collector’s edition includes a steel book containing the game, as well as a lithograph, a “creepy note” written by one of the residents of the Baker mansion, and a “VHS tape box” meant for housing one of the collector’s edition’s more peculiar items: a severed finger containing a 4GB flash drive. Just think of the possibilities for the drive — plug it into your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One to make it look like a zombie is trapped inside your machine and trying to escape. New MacBook Pro owners, however, will have to use a dongle, which will make the effect way less entertaining.

For those who are curious, the “creepy note” reads, “I shall dash you against the stones,” so its author is probably someone you should stay far away from. The line’s exact meaning has been debated in fan forums since June, and appears to be a biblical reference.

The main draw of the package, however, is the “Mansion Music Box,” which is a replica of the game’s Baker mansion. It’s actually a music box that plays a sample of “Aunt Rhody with accompanying LED effects,” and stands at 8 inches tall.

The detail on the house is pretty incredible, with moss growing on the roof’s singles, and dirt and grime staining the pillars on the front porch. Rusted-out bars on the mansion’s top floor create a small hole, which could very well be your escape route should (more like when) things go south.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is out January 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It takes the main series into first-person territory after pioneering and refining third-person horror over the last two decades. The collector’s edition is only available at GameStop and doesn’t appear to be available for PC.

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