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Riders Republic: All Relics guide

While the majority of your time in Riders Republic will no doubt be blazing your way down the mountain, either in races, events, or just carving your own path, there are some other things worth keeping your eye out for in this massive open world. This is a Ubisoft open-world game, after all, so you can expect a map absolutely littered with icons. Thankfully, because the core gameplay of riding, sliding, and flying around is so satisfying, it doesn’t feel like yet another Ubisoft checklist game like so many others.

No open-world game, Ubisoft or not, can resist hiding some collectibles in its world for you to seek out. While some games just have collectibles for the sake of having them, Riders Republic at least gives you a use for finding these Relics. Each of the 11 Relics is one-of-a-kind Shackdaddy Funkies gear that can’t be obtained any other way. Not only do they look cool, but some are even worth taking into races. These bikes, boards, skis, and more are ones you’ll definitely want to add to your collection, so we’ve pinpointed all the Relic locations across the massive map in Riders Republic.

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Grandpa Bike

Riders Republic snowy map.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We’ll start our hunt going after all the Shackdaddy Funkies bikes. First on our list is the old, reliable Grandpa Bike. This classic two-wheeler is in Yosemite — Yosemite Valley. If you look on the map, you can see the Chapel labeled under the “T” in Yosemite Valley. From the fast travel point in Yosemite Village, take the road west to the Chapel and look for the wooden mailbox out front. This old red bike, equipped with a basket on the front and leather saddlebags on the back, is leaning up against the post.

This bike is rated standard and doesn’t have all that great stats. It only has 15 Sprint and Grip, making it tough on basically all terrain, but it does have decent air rotation. This is one to admire more than ride.

Adventure Bike

Riders Republic adventure bike stats.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go on a major journey to find the Adventure Bike. The best fast travel point you can go to for this one is The Invitational, though it isn’t all that close. This bike is way down in the southeast of the map in Canyonlands Park, along the coast of the Colorado River. You can also find it easily by following the path going southeast from the Burned Forest. Either way, you’ll find a little campsite along the river with the bike resting against a rock outside near the fire pit.

The Adventure Bike isn’t too bad. It’s Pro rated with great sprint, speed, grip, and absorption stats. Air rotation is the clear negative, so it’s obviously not meant for tricks, but there’s no reason not to take this one out for a little adventure.

Training Bike

Riders Republic map showing a snowy region.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

From the far southeast of the map, all the way to the top northeast corner, we’ll pick up your very own Training Bike. This is the Gran Teton, Cascade Canyon part of the map. From the Table Mountain fast travel point, make your way to the Cascade Canyon Playground to the east. You’ll quickly find a bunch of presents laying around a fully decorated Christmas tree. One present that isn’t wrapped is the Training Bike, which you can claim for yourself.

This is the most obvious joke piece of equipment in the game. It’s just an exercise bike, after all, and will probably end up collecting just as much dust as a real one. The Training Bike has stats of just one across the board, however, as the description states, “It’s the safest bike you’ll ever ride.”

Destroyed Bike

Approaching a broken bike in a river.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why would you want a Destroyed Bike? Well, aside from being a completionist, it is at least better than the Training Bike. To find this neglected piece of gear, head to Pine Creek in Zion via the Lincoln Peak fast travel point in Mammoth. The spot you’re looking for is right on the border of Zion and east of Hole in the Wall. There’s a broken-down cabin here and the bike, or at least the wheel of it, sticking out of the ground near a rock.

This beaten-up and abused bike is a lowly Standard rating, though it claims to have been good at one point in its life. It has really bad stats, especially grip, which is at the lowest possible 1. The only moderate upside is the air rotation stat of 50, but there’s no reason not to leave the Destroyed Bike in the shed.

Folding Bike

Riders Republic map marker.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If, for some reason, you need a bike just for casual street riding, well, there’s always the Folding Bike. Jump over to the Fiery Furnace fast travel location and look for the Arches and Fiery Furnace Playground. There’s a trail you can take leading west that will bring you right to where the Folding Bike is chilling out. There’s no camp this time, but you can still find a dude chilling on a rock with a guitar right beside it.

This is a nothing-special, Standard-rated bike. For the third time, we get a bike with a 1 grip, but everything else is a bit better. Sprint is just 15, and Air Rotation is the highest at 60, but it won’t outclass anything else you have by this point.

Pizza Delivery Bike

Riders Republic pizza delivery bike stats.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Ready to make some deliveries? The Pizza Delivery Bike is downtown in Mammoth City. Choose either the Up Town or West City travel points into Mammoth City and head down to the southwest end near Canyon Lodge, but still northeast of Bear Park. Head down the road here to the big pizza place — you can’t miss it — and follow the discarded pizza boxes outside to the delivery bike leaning up against the garage. Pick it up for yourself for this hot new ride.

If you ever wondered why your pizza took so long to get to you, they may have been riding this bike. Rated Standard, this isn’t the worst bike but is completely unimpressive. It has only 25 Sprint, 35 Speed, and 30 Grip, with the best stat being Air Rotation at 55. Unless you’re motivated by trying to get a big tip for making a quick delivery, don’t take this one on any races.

Surf Board

A surfboard piece of gear.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With the bikes out of the way, the only Shackdaddy Funkies board is the Surf Board. It’s not where you might expect to find it, though. Way up north in The Wall Glacier area is a little igloo we need to track down. From the Teton North fast travel point, make the long trip across the ice directly west of the “The” in The Wall Glacier text on your map. Once you spot the igloo with a parasol and cooler beside some deck chairs out front, you will find the board leaning up near the snowy entrance.

As a board, the Surf Board is kind of decent. It’s Pro rated and has barely above average Speed at 51, a great Deep Snow rating of 80, and fine Absorption of 40. Don’t take the Surf Board out to do tricks, though, because it’s got a measly 15 for Air Rotation.

Wood Ski Blades

A shirtless guy near some old wooden skis.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The ancient-looking Wood Ski Blades are in the far southwest of Mammoth in the Santiago Bowl. If you use the fast travel point of Mammoth Summit, you’ll find a convenient trail leading south, right to the Wood Ski Blades resting beside a ski lift.

These Standard skis prove that their old design should be left in the past. Unless you’re proving some sort of weird fashion statement or want to show off, leave these as decorations on the wall.

Old School Skis

A shirtless man running to a snowy camp.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Not quite as old as the Wood Ski Blades, the Old School Skis are located in Grand Teton, south of The Wall Glacier. The Teton Glacier fast travel point is your closest drop-off point, from which you will want to go down west to the spot directly north of Disappointment Peak. There’s a small, easily missed brown tent here that you want to keep your eyes peeled for, and the orange skis are laying on a little pile of snow.

While better than the Wood Ski Blades, it’s not by much. They have a pretty good Speed ranking at 60 but low Air Rotation and Deep Snow stats.

Cardboard Plane

It should go without saying, but don’t try this at home. The Cardboard Plane jetpack is sitting on the porch of a cabin in General Highway in Sequoia. Jump over to the Moro Rock fast travel point, make your way along the mountain to the southeast, and you will come across this cabin when you’re roughly between the “O” and “I” in Sequoia on the map. Grab this makeshift device off the porch and take it to the sky.

Just like a paper airplane, this “jetpack” is awesome in both the mobility stats but has a mere 1 Slow Mode.

Plane Wing

A jetpack made of a plane wing.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The final Shackdaddy Funkies gear is another jetpack, only this time made from something a little more appropriate for air travel. You can scavenge the Plane Wing off a crashed plane in the river in Cloud Rest within Yosemite. Eagle View is your fast travel point for this one. Go west from here and follow the river until you spot the carcass of the titular plane sticking out of the water. Jump over and collect your new, not-dangerous-at-all Plane Wing jetpack.

This is an Expert level piece of gear, the only Relic to get this rating. Speed is nice at 45, at the cost of 1 Mobility but with a huge 80 in Engine Boost.

While it’s great that you can actually use all these collectibles (although some you may not want to), the downside is that there’s no trophy or achievement tied to finding them all.

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