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What are Sponsors in Riders Republic?

Riders Republic has pulled together quite a list of real-life sponsors. From Salomon and Ford to Canyon and Santa Cruz, there’s no shortage of high-profile companies that lend their name to the action. Ubisoft took things one step further, however, and actually incorporated all these collaborators into a functional part of Riders Republic — aptly named the Sponsors system.

Although they’re not immediately available to new players, Sponsors quickly become an integral part of the experience. Here’s everything you need to know about Sponsors in Riders Republic to make the most of the unique system.

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What are Sponsors in Riders Republic?

Riders Republic group riding down a mountian.
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Sponsors provide you with daily contracts that in turn provide you with exclusive rewards, such as new gear and Republic Bucks. However, earning a Sponsor isn’t easy — you’ll first need to prove yourself by gaining Stars and increasing your Career Levels. Once you’ve gathered around 30 Stars, you can expect to gain your first Sponsor, although this will vary based on your Career Level for each of the game’s activities.

In short, keep leveling up your skills and collecting stars, and (eventually) you’ll land yourself a Sponsor. Expect to put in several hours of gameplay before reaching this point.

Sponsors can be equipped by visiting Brett’s food truck or navigating to the Progress tab in the main menu screen. Only three sponsors can be selected at once — so make sure you’re paying close attention to the daily contracts for those selected. Available contracts can be easily found in the Sponsors section of the Progress menu. Simply hover over your Equipped Sponsor to view all three available contracts.

Since you can have three Equipped Sponsors and each Sponsor offers three daily contracts, that means you’ll have nine unique activities to tackle every day. It’s in your best interest to complete as many daily contracts as possible when playing Riders Republic — not only is it one of the game’s best ways to acquire new gear, but it’s also an easy way to earn Republic Bucks. If you’re not sure what you should tackle next in the open-ended game, consider perusing your daily contracts.

Full list of Sponsors in Riders Republic

A neon wingsuit flies through a canyon in Riders Republic.
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Ubisoft managed to snag some impressive real-world companies to join its list of Sponsors. Curious to know what sort of gear you’ll be unlocking throughout the game? Check out the full list of Riders Republic Sponsors to get a better idea of what rewards are up for grabs:

  • Troy Lee Designs
  • Redbull
  • Burton
  • Santa Cruz
  • Rossignol
  • Salamon
  • Canyon
  • Picture
  • Commencal
  • #Lobster
  • Armada
  • Devinci
  • Jones
  • Head
  • Kona Bicycle
  • Nitro
  • 100%
  • Ford
  • YT Industries
  • Faction

Each Sponsor has an exclusive catalog of gear that will only become available once you’ve completed enough of their daily contracts. That means you’ll need to work your way through the ranks of all 20 if you’re hoping to fill up your entire wardrobe — so hop on that bike, clip into those skis, and zip up your wingsuit, because you’re looking at dozens of hours of playtime before you’ve unlocked everything Riders Republic has to offer.

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