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Is Riders Republic cross-platform?

Riders Republic boasts an expansive open world that’s overflowing with singletrack, ski slopes, and — most notably — thousands of other players. The unique MMO incorporates both cross-platform play and cross-progression into the mix, making it easy to meet up with friends or jump into the game on another console without losing all your unlocked gear.

Ubisoft’s newest IP enables both crossplay and cross-progression by default. If you’re curious to know more about the powerful features or simply want to turn them off, here’s how cross-platform play works in Riders Republic.

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How does crossplay work in Riders Republic?

Riders Republic players riding bikes.
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With races that max out at a staggering 50 players on new-generation consoles and PC, incorporating crossplay into Riders Republic means there’s never a shortage of folks to compete against. It also means you can easily team up with friends on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC without any issues.

This feature is automatically enabled when you first launch the game, and you’ll even get a pop-up notification alerting you to its presence. We strongly suggest you leave crossplay turned on (as it allows for better matchmaking and makes the world feel like a bustling resort), but here’s how you can turn off crossplay in Riders Republic:

  • Pause your game.
  • Navigate to the Gameplay menu.
  • Scroll down to the Crossplay option (this can be found under the Opponents submenu).
  • Toggle Crossplay to Off.

Once crossplay has been deactivated, you’ll only be matched up with other riders on your platform of choice. You can always dive back into the menu and enable crossplay at any time.

How does cross-progression work in Riders Republic?

A biker does a trick in Riders Republic.
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Beyond a robust — and easy-to-use — crossplay system, Riders Republic also features cross-progression. All of your unlocked content is tied directly to your Ubisoft Connect account, so as long as you sign in to the same account you’ve been playing on, all your stats will transfer to a new platform.

However, keep in mind that your Republic Coins are tied to a specific platform. If you find yourself with any of this premium currency and are planning to permanently change which console you’re playing Riders Republic on, make sure to spend them all — otherwise, you’ll simply lose out on the cash.

How to join or host a multiplayer match

If you’ve just started up Riders Republic and want to play with your buddies, we have a bit of bad news — you’ll first need to slog through the introductory phase of the game. This runs for about an hour, at which point dozens of new options open up.

Once you’ve completed the intro, simply pause the game and open up the Social tab. From here, you’ll be able to invite friends, manage your group, or find recent players you’ve been racing against. And — as long as crossplay is enabled — you’ll be able to party up with riders on any platform.

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