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Watch us play ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron,’ streaming live right now!

Will you heed the call of the Iron Lords? We already have! Join us on Twitch as we charge headfirst into the Fallen-infested Plaguelands in Destiny’s latest expansion, the Rise of Iron, which launched on PS4 and Xbox One on Tuesday.

Our own Phil Hornshaw will be live on Twitch at 10 a.m. PT to give you a rundown of the game, as a prelude to our upcoming swarm of Rise of Iron impressions and guides.

Rise of Iron will take players deep into the uncharted Plaguelands following in the footsteps of the legendary Iron Lords. Along with new strikes, new raids, and a ton of new gear, Rise of Iron features a brand-new story chronicling the resurgence of the Fallen in Old Russia’s familiar Cosmodrome and their mysterious new ally. The last surviving Iron Lord, Saladin, will be your guide as you forge into the Plaguelands to reclaim Felwinter’s Peak.

In addition to all of the brand new PvE content, Rise of Iron also features some brand new maps and a new game mode for you Crucible fans out there. The new game mode, Supremacy, injects some new life into your typical team death match. Players will not only be required to kill the enemy team, but also pick up tokens from their crushed and lifeless foes – not unlike Call of Duty’s “Kill Confirmed” mode.

The three new maps included in Rise of Iron, Skyline, Last Exit, and Floating Gardens will be available in Crucible playlists and in the brand new private matches.

Yep, if you’ve been out of the Destiny loop for a while, you’re now able to host private Crucible matches with your friends, customize the maps right down to the availability of vehicles and time of day. Even if you’re still not sure about picking up Rise of Iron, you’ll still be able to enjoy the Private Match functionality, which was released as a free update to the core game late last week.

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