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The Mind Flayer invades Rocket League in Stranger Things collaboration

Vehicular soccer game Rocket League is collaborating with Netflix’s Stranger Things for its upcoming Halloween event, which is set to launch on October 14.

This year’s Haunted Hallows will take the Farmstead arena to The Upside Down, complete with the Mind Flayer watching over the action. It remains unclear if the massive monster will affect gameplay, but with developer Psyonix telling players “to look after your teammates,” the possibility certainly exists.

Throughout the event, which will last until November 11, players will be able to earn Candy Corn that may be used to purchase cosmetics at the Haunted Hallows Event Store. Some of the items that players will be able to buy include a decal that resembles Hopper’s Hawaiian shirt, a Camp No Where topper to put Dustin’s hat on cars, wheels with a Starcourt mall theme, a Demogorgon player banner, and a Scoops Ahoy avatar border.

The store will also offer generic Halloween cosmetics such as decals with fall foliage and candy wrappers, for the handful who are not fans of Stranger Things.

Similar to other Rocket League events, players will be given an extra three-day redemption period to make sure that there is no leftover Candy Corn.

Rocket League was among the participants of the PlayStation 4 cross-play beta program, which allowed players on the console to enter matches with others on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Sony recently ended the beta program, making the feature available for all developers to incorporate into their games and completing the turnaround from its previous stance against activating cross-platform play.

Stranger Things, meanwhile, is preparing for its fourth season, after three successful seasons of critical praise and high marks from viewers. A teaser video did not reveal a premiere date, but the show is expected to bring back most of the cast. However, there is one character who is the subject of debate — Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour. The police chief seemingly died in the final episode of season three, but a post-credits scene referencing “The American” gives hope that he is alive, albeit locked up in a facility in the Soviet Union.

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