Is Rocket League cross-platform? How to play Soccar across systems

There are few games that embody “pure fun” quite like Rocket League. It’s not a hard game to understand: You drive a car, you hit a massive ball into the opposing goal, and first team to score the most points wins. It’s that simplicity that makes Rocket League such an excellent game, though. No matter if you’re an indoctrinated RPG player with thousands of hours on record or someone who likes to take a load off with Animal Crossing, Rocket League has something for you.

It has something for you across platforms, too. Among the many reasons Rocket League is a great game, its recent success and continued interest are most likely attributed to cross-platform support. In this guide, we’re going to answer the question, “Is Rocket League cross-platform?” Along the way, we’ll also talk about the limitations of crossplay and how those work into cross-progression and cross-save.

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Is Rocket League cross-platform?

Yes, Rocket League supports cross-platform play across PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. No matter which platform you’re on, you can team up with or against friends online. Like Call of Duty: Warzone, players from all platforms enter the same matchmaking queue, so when you’re playing online, you’ll likely be playing alongside users on other systems.


Unlike Warzone and Modern Warfare, though, you don’t need an external account for crossplay. As long as you’ve updated your game since February 19, 2019, cross-platform play should already be enabled. All you need to do is start a match to play with other systems.

Although Rocket League is 5 years old, full cross-platform support didn’t come to the game until last year. Shortly after Sony bowed to the command of gamers demanding cross-platform support for Fortnite, Rocket League joined PlayStation’s crossplay beta.

How to enable cross-platform play in Rocket League


Although Rocket League has cross-platform play enabled by default, it never hurts to double check that you have the setting turned on. Alternatively, if you only want to play with players on the same platform as you, you can turn the feature off, as well. From the main menu, follow Options > Gameplay to find the setting. Look for a box labeled Cross-Platform Play and check it. If the box is filled, cross-platform play is enabled, and if the box isn’t filled, it’s not.

As long as you’ve enabled the setting, you can play with other platforms in public matchmaking, as well as private matches. If you want to play with your friends on other platforms, you can add them in the Friends menu like you would with players on the same platform as you.

Rocket League crossplay limitations

Rocket League fully supports crossplay, at least when it comes to gameplay. However, there are some differences between the console releases. For example, the Armadillo and Hogsticker vehicles are exclusive to Xbox One, while the Sweet Tooth is exclusive to PS4. In the case of the Armadillo and Hogsticker, PC players will see these vehicles as the Octane. Likewise, PC players will see the Sweet Tooth as the Merc.

Unfortunately, there are other limitations, namely chat. In-game voice chat doesn’t work across platforms, and neither does typed chat. Psyonix supports Quick Chat across platforms, though, so you can send quick blurbs to communicate with your teammates.

Other limitations show in the form of trading. You can’t trade or send items between platforms. You can still, however, trade within the same platform, so if you want to send something from one Steam account to another, you can.

Rocket League cross-progression and cross-save


Time for some more bad news: Rocket League doesn’t support cross-progression or cross-save. The game’s FAQ makes it clear: “Rocket League in-game items and any progress, Titles, or levels are linked to a single account on a single platform. It is not possible to transfer any of these between accounts on different platforms.”

This is true no matter if you’re trying to trade between yourself and a friend or between two accounts you own on separate platforms. Games like Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD and Axiom Verge popularized cross-save on the PlayStation Vita, and now, we have The Witcher 3 and Divinity: Original Sin 2 that support cross-save between Steam and Nintendo Switch. Rocket League hasn’t joined their ranks yet, and it doesn’t look like the game will in the future.

In the lead-up to cross-platform support, Psyonix was very forward about its plans for Rocket League. Since the monumental patch that unlocked crossplay fully, Psyonix hasn’t said anything about cross-progression or cross-save. It’s possible we’ll see it in the future — other games-as-a-service titles like Destiny 2 have used cross-save to great effect — but it would come as a shock to us.

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