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Rocket League to add item trade-in system

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If your Rocket League account has been deluged with Police Hat toppers, there will soon be a way to get rid of them. Psyonix announced that this month a new update will arrive that will allow users to trade in items.

At the end of some games in Rocket League, there’s a chance users can unlock new items that can be used to adorn their cars. Things like new colors, wheels, and hats. Fans had noticed that they were receiving duplicates of certain items, leading to much speculation as to the cause.

It turns out the prevailing theory was almost true: players will soon be able to trade items, but not with other players — it’s a trade-in system, rather than a player-to-player trading system. But what will players be trading items in for? Well, Psyonix also announced that two new item types will be coming this month; rare items, and very rare items.

You can obtain these items by chance at the end of each game, which is the same system used for obtaining “uncommon” items. And the more you play Rocket League, the greater your chances of getting a rare or very rare item. Once you obtain one, then the timer will reset.

You can also now trade in items for ones of greater rarity. For example, you’ll be able to trade in five uncommon items to unlock a rare one, or trade five rare ones to unlock a very rare one.


Many people online were speculating that, as in Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players would be able to trade with one another or sell items on the Steam marketplace. But considering the continued popularity of Rocket League, there’s always a chance Psyonix could add that feature in a later update.

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