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Rocksmith+ debuts as a subscription service, PC closed beta starts today

Rocksmith has been teaching people how to rock for about a decade now, and Ubisoft brought the brand back at its Forward E3 event in a big way. The company announced Rocksmith+, a new subscription service that will let users practice their shredding from the comfort of home.


Rocksmith+ isn’t just another iteration of the game, though. It provides some more services to people using it that are aimed at learning how to play instruments. The game will help aspiring musicians play an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. To help make the process even better, users can get real-time feedback if they connect their instrument to their PC. A riff repeater is also being added to the game that will let users control the speed of songs. Finally, players will have access to a massive library of songs to play and practice, with new additions every week.

As usual, players will be able to connect their instruments to consoles or a PC. Players will also be able to use their phones as a microphone for their instruments.

A streamlined tab view is also coming with Rocksmith+. Ttabs are essentially a more streamlined way of seeing how to play music on a string instrument, placing numbers representing each fret on lines showing each string. Players will also be able to make their own tabs for others to play along to.

Rocksmith+ is set to release this year. However, anyone excited to get started with learning an instrument today can register for the Rocksmith+ PC closed beta on the service’s website.

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