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The 10 best cars in Saints Row

Exploring the world of Santo Ileso is more fun with a flashy car. Its dusty streets are littered with incredible vehicles, all of which can be customized to fit your particular taste. Each one also features unique stats (Max Speed, Performance, Durability, Off-Road), along with a Signature Ability that can be unlocked to further alter its playstyle. But no matter how much cash you pump into a car, there are some that will always perform better than the competition.

If you’re looking to get around Saint Ileso quickly and in style, here are the 10 best cars in Saints Row to add to your garage.

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The Attrazione in a garage in Saints Row.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With one of the best Max Speed stats in all Saints Row, the Attrazione is the car for you if you like to go fast. It’s also got a sleek, supercar look — with smooth angles and an Infinite Boost Signature Ability to go with it. Steer clear of the Attrazione if you’re going off-road, but otherwise, there’s a lot to love about this luxurious speedster.


The Bullpup in a garage in Saints Row.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Santo Ileso is surrounded by miles of desert, and the Bullpup is the best way to explore all those sand dunes. Its Off-Road stat is unparalleled, and it boasts surprisingly great Max Speed and Performance stats. That means whether you’re on pavement or dirt, the Bullpup handles much better than you’d expect. The suspension is a bit springy (so be prepared to bounce around when crashing into objects), but that’s a small price to pay for such versatility.


The Ethel in a garage in Saints Row.
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The Ethel isn’t exactly a “great” car, but it’s easily one of the coolest-looking retro vehicles you can add to your garage. All of its stats are middle of the pack, but no doubt its slick exterior more than makes up for the shortcomings.

Fer de Lance

The Fer de Lance in a garage in Saints Row.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Fer de Lance is the counterpart to the Attrazione. It looks much more aggressive but offers nearly identical stats. Instead of the Infinite Boost Signature Move, however, you get the Jump skill — which lets you jump over traffic or dodge incoming enemies without breaking a sweat.


The Hammerhead in a garage in Saints Row.
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If you’re looking for a retro muscle car, look no further than the Hammerhead. Easily found in the neighborhoods surrounding the Saints headquarters, the Hammerhead is a great early-game addition to your roster of vehicles. It takes a few minutes to get up to speed — and its corning ability isn’t the greatest — but once you get it barreling down the highway, it’s nearly impossible to stop.


The MDI in a garage in Saints Row.
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The MDI-525C can move pretty fast for its size and is designed to withstand an absolute beating. Those chunky tires also make it easy to handle while off-road, although it’s not quite up to par with the Bullpup. However, its combination of durability and speed makes it a worthy addition to your garage.


The Peacemaker in a garage in Saints Row.
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Since the Peacemaker is often used as a police vehicle in Saints Row, it should come as no surprise that it’s both durable and agile. In fact, the car can practically be used as a battering ram to obliterate other vehicles in a single hit. Off-road performance is impeccable, too, making this one of the best sedans in the entire game.


The Phoenix in a garage in Saints Row.
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If the Hammerhead was Saints Row’s retro muscle car, the Phoenix is its modern muscle car. Great in a straight line and built to outrun the competition, the Phoenix is a sleek and speedy car that’s easily found throughout most of Santo Ileso.


The Raycaster in a garage in Saints Row.
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The Raycaster is arguably one of the top three best cars in Saints Row. With sleek angles and a swooping hood, it looks incredibly stylish while hurling down the dusty streets. Its Max Speed stat rivals the Fer de Lance and Attrazione, although Durability and Off-Road stats leave much to be desired. Rounding out the package is the Ejector Seats Signature Ability — which is even more awesome than it sounds.


The Saguaro in a garage in Saints Row.
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It’s a Jeep — minus the poor reliability ratings. Incredible off-roading, an eye-catching exterior, and plenty of customization options make the Saguaro an easy recommendation for players just starting to build out their garage.

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