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How to unlock fast travel in Saints Row

Saints Row gives you a sprawling playground to explore in the form of Santo Ileso. It also gives you a colorful assortment of supercars, pickup trucks, wingsuits, and other forms of transit to make roaming its dusty streets an absolute blast. But sometimes, you just don’t want to drive down the same highway twice – or you have to trek halfway across the map to your next objective. If that’s the case, you’ll be glad to know Saints Row offers a fast-travel system.




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Unlocking fast travel in Saints Row is a bit odd, but thankfully, it’s a straightforward process (once you know what you’re doing). Here’s what you need to know to unlock fast travel in Saints Row and how to use it.

A Fast Travel spot highlighted in the Saints Row map.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How to unlock fast travel in Saints Row

Before you can start zipping around Santo Ileso, you’ll first need to unlock individual fast-travel points. Here’s how to find these locations and subsequently unlock them.

Step 1: As you drive around Santo Ileso, your map will quickly become populated with a wide assortment of icons. One of these icons is for the Fast Travel Photo activity – it's a golden diamond with a subway tram in the center.

Step 2: Finding a Fast Travel Photo spot is only the first step in unlocking fast travel. The next step is to whip out your camera (assigned to Up on the directional pad for consoles) and snap a photo.

Step 3: Figuring out what to take a picture of is simple. First, open your map. Then, hover over the Fast Travel Photo activity you’re interested in. This will pull up a description on the right side of the screen, along with an image of a unique landmark nearby. In the screenshot above, for example, you're tasked with snapping an image of the El Dorado sign.

Step 4: Take your own photo of the landmark, and you’ll unlock the location as a fast-travel spot. You might have to reposition yourself a few times to center the image in your camera, but the game will give you prompts to let you know if you’re too close, too far away, or if the image is blocked.

An unlocked Fast Travel Spot in Saints Row.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How to use fast travel in Saints Row

With a fast-travel spot unlocked, you can now use it to cruise around Santo Ileso at your pleasure. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Open your map.

Step 2: Select an unlocked fast-travel location. These will no longer appear as golden diamonds on your map and will instead appear as purple circles (once again with a subway tram in the center).

Step 3: Click on the location, and you’ll be able to fast travel.

That’s all there is to it! Fast Travel Photo spots are scattered throughout Santo Ileso, so keep your eyes peeled and your camera at the ready. Also, keep in mind that Fast Travel Photo spots are entirely different from Photo Hunt – which also appear as golden diamonds on your map but feature a camera in the center. These are totally different side activities that grant XP … but don’t result in a new fast-travel location.

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