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How to unlock Mel T and The Baristador in Foamstars

Loading into Foamstars, you probably know what to expect in terms of progression. Being a multiplayer-only game, you can count on live-service elements being in play; however, every game handles them differently. Yes, we do have both a free and paid battle pass here with tons of cosmetics, but what about more impactful things like characters? At launch, your roster will only have eight options, but two are locked: Mel T and The Baristador. Considering how each character plays differently, getting the entire range of options will help you decide which one you want to focus on. These two have different requirements to unlock, and one of them may not be to your liking.

How to unlock Mel T and The Baristador

The Baristador in the Foamstars character menu.
Square Enix

Starting with The Baristador, all you need to do to unlock him is beat the challenge that asks you to hit Player Level 3. This is done by playing Missions alone or with friends or competing in the standard versus matches. Your current level is displayed on your Player Card if you’re unsure how far off you are.

Mel T is a different story. As of now, she can only be added to the roster by purchasing the Starry Pop Premium Pass, which is the paid battle pass. Mel T is unlocked as a tier 1 reward, meaning you get her as soon as you buy the pass. This pass will cost you $6 right now and runs through March 9. After this date, it is unclear how Mel T will be available, though she will likely be an individual purchase.

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