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Is Saints Row cross-platform?

We’ve come to the awkward point in the gaming industry where most games of a certain size include some form of cross-play, cross-progression, or both — but not all. High budget, multiplayer focused games, and especially free-to-play titles, are almost expected to have all these features now, but there is still some slack when it comes to indies and mid-sized titles. With a game like Saints Row, which is somewhere between a middle and high budget game that is still coming to all consoles and PC, it could easily go either way with how this game would handle its online component.

Saints Row has a campaign that is fully playable in co-op with a friend. With the entire game’s thesis built around chaos and creating your own dynamic fun in the reactive open world, bringing a friend along is an obvious way to amplify that fun. That said, it’s always a bummer when you stop and realize that you and your co-op partner of choice are playing on different platforms and don’t even know if you’ll be able to rebuild the Saints together. If you want to know if you and your friends can build your criminal empire together on different platforms, here’s the answer.

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Does Saints Row have cross-play?

The crew of the Saints Row reboot stands against a wall.
Deep Silver

Sorry Saints, but the new Saints Row does not have cross-play between any competing platforms. No PlayStation, Xbox, or PC players will be able to join up and cause chaos in the streets together. The only minor exception is that the game is cross-generational, meaning that PS4 and PS5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, players can join up. While certainly not ideal, that is still better than nothing considering many people out there are unable to get the latest hardware.

There’s no indication that cross-play will be added to Saints Row, and while it is always possible, we don’t suspect that the developers will go to the trouble of adding that functionality for a game that only has co-op in terms of multiplayer.

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Saints Row developer Volition shut down by Embracer Group
The crew of the Saints Row reboot stands against a wall.

Volition -- the studio behind series like Saints Row -- has been shut down by Embracer Group.
Volition was first founded as Parallax Software in 1993, and made a name for itself over the past 30 years with series like Descent, Red Faction, and Saints Row. The studio has had many owners over that period, first being acquired by THQ before being sold to Plaion, which placed the developer under its Deep Silver label. Plaion and Deep Silver were then acquired by Embracer Group in 2018. Its most recent game, a reboot of Saints Row, was released last year to mixed reviews, which caused Embracer Group to then shift ownership of the studio over to Plaion's sister company, Gearbox Entertainment.
Saints Row is actually a PlayStation Plus Essential game this September, but the studio won't be around to see that because the decision has finally been made to close it. We first learned of this via a post on X from former Volition VFX artist Ryan Hoss; Volition went on to confirm the closure on LinkedIn.
"This past June, Embracer Group announced a restructuring program to strengthen Embracer and maintain its position as a leader in the video game industry," the message explained. "As part of that program, they evaluated strategic and operational goals and made the difficult decision to close Volition effective immediately. To help our team, we are working to provide job assistance and help smooth the transition for our Volition family members."
We reached out to Embracer Group for comment to see if it could provide more specific insight into why it chose to close Volition and will update this article when we get a response.

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Is Remnant 2 cross-platform?
Three characters shoot at a boss in Remnant 2.

Aside from the focus on firearms and integrating some randomly generated environments, the Remnant series sets itself apart from other souls-like games mainly with its focus on co-op. Both titles encourage you to team up with two friends to fight your way through the mutated monsters that await. After so many years of progress in terms of multiplatform games incorporating full cross-platform support, you might assume Remnant 2 will follow suit and let you make a group with anyone regardless of what platform they're on. However, the truth may be a bit more disappointing. Before you make plans with your squad, here's what you need to know about Remnant 2's cross-platform support.
Is Remnant 2 cross-platform?

Unfortunately, Remnant 2 does not have cross-platform play between PS5, Xbox Series X or PC -- and there's no word about it being added in the future.

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The best weapons in Remnant 2
Three characters shoot at a boss in Remnant 2.

While your own personal skill can compensate for a weak weapon in most Souls-like games, including Remnant 2, it is never fun to spend way longer than you need to in fights because you can't output enough damage. Unlike most traditional games in the genre, Remnant 2 features a heavy emphasis on firearms, though there still are plenty of viable melee options. Despite guns not typically having a ton of stats, these have just as many variables to consider for your build as any Dark Souls weapon does, not to mention how it changes with upgrades. Some weapons can be bought, but most you will find and craft by exploring the ever-changing world and completing quests. No one wants to waste precious materials investing in a gun that ends up being useless by the endgame. So, where are the best weapons worth your time in Remnant 2?
Cube Gun

This handgun is easily one of the most powerful you will find in Remnant 2. It is a special weapon, meaning it comes with a mod called Cube Shield, hence the name of this gun. By default, the Cube Gun deals 15 damage, shoots at 7.5 RPS, and has a magazine size of 5 which is all very strong for this weapon type. The mod, however, is why this gun earns its spot on this list. By using Cube Shield, you will create a shield around your character for 15 seconds and absorbs up to 800 damage at level 1. If that wasn't strong enough, if you activate the mod a second time while active, it will send the shield out as a projectile to deal damage to any enemy it hits, with the more damage it has absorbed until then adding to the damage it deals.

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