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Fans are bringing back that horrifying ‘P.T.’ demo — and it looks gorgeous

silent hills pt demo fan made corridors
A downloadable demo for a fan-made recreation of that horrifying P.T. demo tease for the canceled Silent Hills game, has appeared online and it’s surprisingly good. Rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4, you can experience the horrors of that claustrophobic, repetitive home along with familiar audio and sound effects in the brand-new “Corridors” experience.

The original P.T. demo was a ‘playable teaser’ for the still-in-development at the time, Silent Hills, the next game in the franchise of the (almost) same name. The game ended up being canceled as Hideo Kojima was ultimately removed from Konami in a somewhat messy fashion and the P.T. demo was eventually removed from the PlayStation Store, making it hard to get a hold of the experience if you didn’t already have it.

Corridors is an attempt to re-create that beloved experience in all its glory and although it’s still in the early stages of development and is considered “early access,” the demo is already looking rather nice. The visuals are well done and the audio is spot on in places. It’s still a little bare-bones, lacking some of the aesthetic flair and scare cues of the original, and you can’t enjoy it’s cut-scene conclusion just yet, but Corridors shows a lot of promise.

For those curious about its development, videos of its creator, SmoggyChips, putting together the experience can be found on its YouTube channel, via Polygon. For those who don’t want to break through the game’s fourth walls though, bear in mind that it does remove some of the horror to ‘noclip’ through the corridors with no lighting effects.

Although Konami does make excellent prosthetic arms these days, considering how it treated the Silent Hills game and the P.T. demo, there is some concern among fans that this remake won’t last long, even with its newly generic name. For now though, if you want to give it a try, all you need do is head to the Game Jolt page to download it. There you’ll also find some notes on the controls for the demo, a little information about the project itself, and a short message from SmoggyChips itself asking you to be nice, since this is the creator’s first game.

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