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‘Skyrim’ comes to the Nintendo Switch with motion controls and more

skyrim nintendo switch e3
It’s official, Bethesda is bringing the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch with a host of new features. Or well, something like that. The core gameplay appears to be the same, but there are a couple important tweaks that lend the game an undeniable Nintendo vibe.

First up, you’ll now be able to use compatible Amiibo to unlock in-game rewards like a full outfit that turns the Dragonborn into a different sort of hero. Spoiler alert, it turns you into Link. Yeah that one, the one from Zelda.

Further, Skyrim will now feature full-on motion controls, compatible with actions like firing a bow — also like a certain Hylian hero — and smashing dragons. So what else did we find out about the Switch release of now-venerable Skyrim? Precious little.

Previously, we learned that Skyrim would be hitting the Nintendo Switch just after the console’s initial announcement. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the forthcoming release, including some important details.

For one, it’s unclear whether or not the Switch version of Skyrim will feature all the bells and whistles released in the most recent Skyrim remaster, or if it will have any support for mods. We can assume the content released in the expansions for Skyrim will be included in the Switch version, but it’s unlikely we’ll see anything new beyond some Nintendo-themed add-ons.

Bethesda also announced a few games alongside some big changes to its mod community for Skyrim and Fallout 4, but there’s no confirmation that those changes will trickle down to the Switch version.

More likely, you’ll see “mods” added to your game via collectable Amiibo figurines. It’s not much, and there are certainly details we’d like to see in the future — like a definite release date and performance specs — but the upcoming Skyrim release illustrates the strength of the Nintendo Switch as a versatile gaming platform.

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