Super Smash Bros roster may include Duck Hunt dog, Bowser Jr. (updated)

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An alleged leaker has shared some compelling videos and screenshots that appear to show a complete roster for the upcoming iteration of Nintendo’s flagship brawler, Super Smash Bros., including a few characters that have yet to be officially revealed.

The heretofore unseen characters are Bowser Jr. in his signature mini clown car, Shulk from Xenoblade, and the dog from Duck Hunt, finally ready to take vengeance for years of friendly fire. The leaked images also include returning characters that have not yet been confirmed, like Falco, Dr. Mario, and R.O.B. (via Kotaku).

Updated on 8-26-14: Nintendo has, to no one’s surprise, had the videos taken down. The linked NeoGAF post contains some gifs, though.

smash bros leaked roster

While the image above could obviously have been created by an intrepid Photoshopper with relative ease, the leaker has also shared a number of videos showing Bowser Jr. and Shulk in action, making a much more convincing case for their legitimacy. The leaks are obviously from the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros, but the Wii U edition will share the same roster.s

The name ESRB0083, used for the first player in the leaks, would indicate that these come from the build that’s been submitted to the Entertainment Software Rating Board for rating consideration. Notable absences from the roster include Snake and the Ice Climbers. The leaker claims that these characters will be added in subsequent DLC, but without corroborating images that should be taken as speculation for now.

You can check out a compilation of all leaked screenshots and videos over at NeoGAFSuper Smash Bros. will come to 3DS on October 3, and follow on the Wii U for the holiday season.