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How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3

As a squid kid, you have many more movement options than a normal third-person shooter character does. With Splatoon 3, there are even more ways to get around than ever before with things like the Squid Roll and Squid Surge options to master. However, these moves, plus your normal run and swim abilities, are not exactly meant for long-distance travel. While maps are generally compact in Splatoon 3, there are times when you need to spring across the level as fast as possible.



The Super Jump is the quickest way to instantly get yourself into the heat of the action in a Splatoon 3 match. This move lets you move directly to a teammate on the map to help them out in a pinch or just cut down on travel time. As useful (and nearly essential in more competitive modes) as this ability is, the game won't give you clear directions on how to do it. Thankfully, it is not a difficult maneuver to pull off if you follow these simple steps on how to Super Jump in Splatoon 3.

Two squid kids and a squid fighting.
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How to Super Jump

Super Jumps can be done at any time during a normal Splatoon 3 match. Aside from the obvious advantage, this move does have some risk involved as well. Here's how to pull it off.

Step 1: While playing in a match, either while on the map or spawning, press X to open up the map.

Step 2: Use your *D-pad *to select any of your three teammates on the map or the spawn point you want to jump to.

Step 3: Once your destination is selected, press A.

Step 4: Your character will transform into a squid and launch to that location.

As handy of a move as the Super Jump is, do know that if you activate it while on the map, you will want to make sure you're not in any danger since you will be left wide open while using the map and charging up to jump. Also, pick your landing spot carefully. Enemy players will see your targeted landing location on the map before you land, and you will have a brief moment upon landing where you're completely vulnerable, so it may not be wise to Super Jump into a fight in progress.

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