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Squid Sisters get moment in the sun as amiibo figures that unlock Splatoon content

Nintendo announced a new batch of collectible amiibo figurines this week, revealing that Splatoon players can unlock new in-game content via upcoming figures based on Squid Sisters Callie and Marie.

Splatoon-branded Callie and Marie figurines will hit retail on July 8 alongside recolored Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid amiibo figures.

Boasting detailed designs and glittery outfits, the upcoming Squid Sisters amiibo will unlock new background music for Splatoon‘s hub area when scanned in-game. After scanning a Squid Sister amiibo and picking a track, players are treated to a live in-game performance from Callie and Marie featuring exclusive dance routines. Thus far, it’s unclear whether unlocked music tracks will also play during multiplayer matches.

In addition to serving as Splatoon‘s mascot characters, Callie and Marie regularly appear during gameplay to announce new playable maps and server updates. The pair also perform in-game concerts during competitive Splatfest events.

Nintendo’s announcement follows up on a recent live concert in Japan featuring holograms of Callie and Marie. Backed by a live band, the virtual pair performed a series of songs from Splatoon for fans attending the Chokaigi 2016 gaming event.

Callie and Marie amiibo figures will ship to retail on July 8 as a two-pack priced at $25. On the same day, Nintendo will debut color-swapped variants for its previously released Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squid Splatoon amiibo as part of a $35 three-pack. The new color-swapped Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl figurines will also be available separately for $13 apiece.

Originally released alongside Splatoon last year, the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squid amiibo figures unlock new in-game challenges and minigames when scanned using the Wii U’s GamePad. The upcoming color variants will unlock the same set of in-game features as previously issued Splatoon amiibo.

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