Splatoon grows with another level and a second Splatfest

splatoon new level and splatfest moraytowers header
The ever-expanding world of Nintendo’s team-based ink-’em-up Splatoon will grow even larger in the coming weeks, as the publisher announced that a new level and a new Splatfest event will premiere soon in North America.

The Moray Towers level will join Splatoon‘s regular rotation of multiplayer maps starting tonight at 7 p.m. PDT. Featuring a series of ramps that snake around a pair of tall structures, Moray Towers challenges players to reach and maintain higher ground in order to fend off competition from below.

Nintendo additionally revealed that a new Splatfest event will begin on July 17 at 9 p.m. PDT, and will extend through 9 p.m. on the 18th. This session will determine superiority within the realm of amusement park rides, pitting roller coasters versus water slides.

As in Splatoon‘s previous Splatfest event, players divide up into teams and compete in online multiplayer matches that award points to the winning side. Results are tallied up once the final teams leave the arena, and a winner is determined via popularity and recorded wins.

July 4th’s Splatfest concluded with dogs emerging as the more popular pet among Splatoon players, edging out their feline competitors. Though Team Cat players won more matches than the competition, dogs won the popularity vote in a landslide victory, sealing an overall victory for Team Dog.

Players participating in Splatfest events receive a bundle of Super Sea Snails afterward, allowing them to re-spec their armor loadouts with new abilities and added equipment slots. As players rack up wins, they level up in devotion to their cause, earning them more Super Sea Snails at the event’s conclusion. Members of the winning team receive more bonuses than their competitors.

Recently concluded Splatfest events in Europe and Japan tested the popularity of rock music versus pop and udon versus soba noodles, respectively. Stakes for upcoming Splatfest events outside of North America have not been announced.

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