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The best weapons in Splatoon 3

Leave it to Nintendo to make the least-traditional online third-person shooter on the market but also have it be such a smashing success that it spawned two sequels. Splatoon 3 is, of course, the latest in the squid-kid franchise that brings in tons of new features, modes, mechanics, and improvements to the series all about spraying ink over fragging enemies. The team didn’t just take normal guns and weapons and make them colorful, though. They took full advantage of the concept of spraying ink to craft some of the most unique weapons in any shooter.

The amount of weapons available in Splatoon 3 is the largest yet. Many are returning from past games, but there are plenty of new additions that are tons of fun. That being said, many weapons are rather … unconventional if you’re new to the series. How can a paintbrush or a windshield wiper be a weapon, after all? If you’re at a loss for what to arm yourself with for the best chances of winning that close Turf War, here are the best weapons in Splatoon 3.

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N-Zap ’85

An inkling holding a weapon.

This might be a little bit of a nostalgia pick, but the N-Zap ’85 still packs a great punch for a standard weapon that is easy for just about anyone to understand. The design is a clear reference to the old NES Zapper and functions like a traditional pistol in most regards. It has good range, a high rate of fire, and a nice ink supply before you need to refill. It is one of the most balanced guns in the entire game, making it a great way for newer players to ease into the experience.

Heavy Splatling

An inkling holding a weapon.

When it’s time to bring out the big guns, there are few bigger than the Heavy Splatling. This monster of an ink shooter has one of the highest rates of fire of any weapon in the game and can quickly rip through enemies or slather ink over an area in seconds. The downside is this weapon is heavy and will slow your character down quite a bit. That can make you an easy target for ranged attackers, so try not to wander into areas with long sight lines.


An inkling holding a weapon.

A brand new addition to Splatoon 3, the Tri-Stringer is a bow-like weapon. This version shoots three shots at once, making it somewhat like a shotgun in its spread, which is awesome for covering ground and hitting enemies without being pinpoint-accurate. You can also charge up your shots, which will cause the bolts to explode into small ink blasts wherever they land for extra damage and coverage. It doesn’t have the best damage, however, and unless you manage to hit an opponent with all three bolts, it will take more than one shot to take them down.

Flingza Roller

A team of Inklings in the air.

Rollers have always been a ton of fun and some of the best melee range weapons. The Flingza Roller does everything you’d want a roller to do. It can easily coat the ground while running, but it also has a better-than-average range for its weapon type. That said, its ranged attack, which is a vertical or horizontal swing, does deal low damage. Still, you always want at least one roller type on your team in a Turf War, and if you’re filling that role, this is the most balanced one to roll with.

Glooga Dualies

An inkling stands on a tower in Salmon Run in Splatoon 3.

As far as early game weapons, many people will be drawn to the dualies weapon type because, hey, wielding two guns is just cool. If you’re a fan of going guns (or rather squirt guns) akimbo, the Glooga Dualies are the best ones to pick. They have good range and damage and are light, so your character will stay quick, which can make a big difference in Splatoon 3 since every game is objective-based. Also, as a little secret, they get a damage buff when used directly after doing a dodge, so keep mobile, spray your surroundings, and splat the competition.


An inkling holding a weapon.

You might think it wouldn’t be wise to bring a paintbrush to a gunfight, but when ink is the ammo, this massive brush packs a serious punch. All brushes have short range, so know that going in, but the coverage is just amazing. It is a powerhouse in terms of damage, too, but only if you can get within striking distance. That makes this a more risky and situational weapon, but if you know the maps well and can position yourself right for a good ambush in close-quarters, there are not many encounters you will lose.

Splatana Wiper

An inkling holding a weapon.

It’s a surprise it took until Splatoon 3 for some form of katana weapon to make it into the game, but the Splatana Wiper was worth the wait. This weapon is, without a doubt, one of the best weapons in the game of any class. If it wasn’t cool enough from a design standpoint, the only small disadvantage this weapon has is range, but even that is still good. It can slash horizontally or vertically, each good for ground coverage and attacking depending on the situation, and this version has the best stats of all Splatanas to choose from.

Bamboozler 14 Mk 1

We’ll round out the list with the most technical weapon on the list, the Bamboozler 14 Mk 1. This charger weapon is like a sniper, only you need to charge it up, obviously. That means you need to predict when you will need to fire it before the target presents itself. This weapon has a shorter charge time than most, making it easier to use, and it’s light and can shoot almost clear across the map. This is great for those who like to play support and pick off targets from afar, but don’t expect to do well with it if enemies get up close.

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