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The best Roblox Games

There’s a reason Roblox has become one of the most popular video games in the world. Just like Minecraft, the main appeal is how players can freely do and build almost anything. Unlike Minecraft, Roblox doesn’t just let players build worlds, but entire games to share. Anyone who picks up the game can learn to design and develop whatever type of game they want, from adventures and RPGs to shooters and puzzle games and more. With millions of users and potential designers, tons of amazing games are waiting to be found on the platform. If you’re looking for the best of the best to try out, here are our picks for the current best games in Roblox.

Anime Fighting Simulator X

Roblox Gojo and Goku fighting.

There are tons and tons of anime games on Roblox, but not all of them are created equal. Anime Fighting Simulator X is kind of your catch-all for characters (called Champions) from all of your favorite anime. In exchange for some currency, you can become legally distinct characters like Goju (Gojo), Mada (Madara), and Might (All Might), as well as many others. You can level each one up and equip them with different skills and abilities by doing adventures and quests. Adventures are a passive way to earn rewards by sending your character on a mission for a duration of time, while quests let you actually fight and explore a massive world. This is one of the most well-supported games on the platform and gets constant updates, so you will always have new Champions and quests to do to get stronger.


A Roblox knight fighting a monster.

A lot of Roblox games attempt to copy existing games to varying levels of success. Dystovia is clearly attempting to appeal to the Elden Ring fans, but is more than just a knockoff even in its early form. Billed as a multiplayer action adventure RPG, the combat mechanics are as tight and demanding as any soulslike, even if the graphics look a decade old. The explorable map is already massive, and there are tricky secrets to hunt down alongside new weapons and bosses. Unlike a lot of other games, there isn’t a ton of grinding or pressure to purchase anything extra, which gets bonus points from us.

Blade Ball

A ninja slashing a dodgeball in Roblox.

Not every Roblox game has to be some massive adventure or deep RPG. Blade Ball is dodgeball, but spiced up with weapons and abilities to add more strategy and skill to the game. The goal is, as you would expect, to hit other players with the ball and not get hit yourself, but the obstacles, attacks, and powers make it unpredictable and chaotic in a great way. No round will take a ton of time, and there are plenty of maps to try out and various modes. There’s a classic free-for-all mode, team battles between two or four teams of players, and two lives to give you a second chance after getting hit.

All Star Tower Defense

Anime characters in Roblox form.

Yes, this is another game filled with anime characters, but it plays completely differently than Anime Fighting Simulator X. Instead of directly controlling your avatar in All Star Tower Defense, you are deploying your favorite characters to fend off waves of enemies that get more numerous and powerful with each assault. Every unit has its own abilitiesthat you will need to consider to most effectively counter whatever is being thrown at you. It’s a bit more tactical, but a fun challenge to see how long you can last.

Murder Mystery 2

The murder mystery title page in Roblox.

Among Us inspired a wave of social deduction games, and Murder Mystery 2 is the best take on it that you can get in Roblox. The setup is the same: you have a team of innocent players and murderers trying to kill them off without getting caught. The twist is that there’s a third group of sheriffs that are responsible for killing the murderers. It’s a simple concept and doesn’t overcomplicate things with too many roles like some other games have.

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