Can’t Kill Progress, Square Enix’s interactive Twitch teaser, is underway

square enix project ckp reveal

Publisher Square Enix has teased on Twitter that a new game developed by one of its western studios will be revealed starting today on Twitch.

Updated on 4-6-2015 by Will Fulton: The stream is underway, but there are no revelations as of yet. Thus far we see a man being held in an empty cell with electrified walls, occasionally being interrogated by men with Russian accents. Twitch viewers voted at 1pm ET to choose folk music over classical for what is played to torture him. Another vote is scheduled for 6pm ET.

At the time of this writing, fans are crowding into Square Enix’s inactive Twitch channel, waiting eagerly to start the “unique 3-day interactive experience.” Otherwise all we know is that the game bears the working title Project CKP, which apparently stands for “Can’t Kill Progress”.

As for wild speculation, the big two projects that we know Square Enix has in the pipeline from its western studios are new Hitman and Deus Ex games. The distorted video image of a vaguely futuristic-looking chair included with the tweet could easily fit into either game. For all we know, however, this could just as easily be an entirely new property from a different team.

We will keep tabs on the story for you as it develops and update this post as we know more.