State of Decay developer takes aim at Pokémon with new mobile game Moonrise

state decay developers take aim pokemon new mobile game moonrise combat

Undead Labs has announced a follow-up to its 2013 open world zombie survival game State of Decay, and it’s quite a departure: Moonrise will be a multiplayer creature collection RPG for Android and iOS devices. Undead Labs is developing the game in partnership with Kabam, a publisher of free-to-play games such as Realm of the Mad God and Kingdoms of Camelot.

In the world of Moonrise, peaceful creatures called Solari are being corrupted by a cyclical event called the Moonrise, turning them into vicious Lunari that lay waste to human settlements. As the Moonrise becomes more frequent, you are tasked with embarking into the world to search through ancient ruins and dangerous wilds and gather powerful Solari to your team in the hopes of becoming a master Warden and fighting back the Lunari onslaught.

Unlike that other, popular creature-collection game, combat in Moonrise will be real-time. The developers also promise a “strong multiplayer core,” though little is known outside the ability to test your Solari against those of your fellow Wardens.

Undead Labs will bring a beta build to PAX Prime later this month for attendees to test out. There will be a public beta this fall leading up to the official launch on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices in early 2015.